Maybe we need a delay on the roadmap

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I would like to suggest that it might be time to take a break on the roadmap and focus a release on completing/fixing what we already have. LAN/WAN operation is going to be a big development project that will take at least 6 months. We have a lot of things that are not working well or are not fully implemented. If these items have to wait until after LAN/WAN, it is going to be a long year.

We are already several weeks behind from 1.3, let's use the next couple months to finish some existing features and add a few minor ones. Then pickup with remote operation.

Here are some examples that I hate to wait until after remote operation to see.

  • Useable NB, NR, ANF(my pet peeve)
  • Fully functional tuner
  • Band maps on the pan adapter
  • Color palettes
  • Improved S-meter
  • Spots on the waterfall
I'm sure others will be able to suggest others.

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Posted 6 years ago

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Official Response

A little humor - Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.

I have followed this discussion with interest over the last couple of days.  Our whole team’s desire is to be as responsive as possible to our customers.  Like all businesses we must constantly balance competing priorities and opinions to achieve the best outcome for all our stakeholders.  

There are four basic categories of requests that I identified in your posts to this topic:

  1. Existing features that legitimately need performance enhancement.  We hear you and have already taken steps to address a number of these issues.

  2. Existing features that work as designed but some of you may want them to work differently.  We take that into account as we consider potential design enhancements.

  3. New feature requests.  As time and resources permit, we consider new feature requests as appropriate.  A recent example is the addition of Automatic Peaking Filter (APF) for CW.

  4. And the ~75% majority request - Stick to the Roadmap.

We continuously monitor the FlexRadio Community along with feedback from our Alpha/Beta team.  When defects or legitimate feature requests are identified, they are entered into our internal software planning system.  These are typically reviewed and dispositioned by the entire engineering team at least once per week.  There are three possible outcomes - now, later, or never.  We realize that there are those who would like for us to post those outcomes publicly.  Unfortunately, this is neither practical from a business standpoint nor wise from a competitive standpoint.  

FlexRadio is the first and only Ham Radio transceiver manufacturer to publish a public software roadmap.  We offer this as a service to you our customers.  The SmartSDR roadmap is our means of communicating the broad direction of our FLEX-6000 Series enhancement plan.  It does not communicate everything we are currently working on or all of our future plans.  

Here are a few things you should know about the SmartSDR Roadmap:

  1. We are committed to LAN and FM in SmartSDR v1.4 as planned.

  2. LAN functionality is a prerequisite to WAN.

  3. We have a strategic commitment to deliver WAN in 2015.

  4. We reserve the right to adjust the Roadmap content and/or schedule if we deem it prudent.  For example, we recently delayed v1.3 eighteen days to allow more test time for major new features.

  5. Near term Roadmap plans may be considered fairly firm.  The further out in time on the Roadmap, the more fluid the plan as it allows us to adjust for changing market requirements.

Software planning is not a perfect science.  Some projects turn out easier than we thought and some things turn out much, much harder.  Planning has to hedge for that uncertainty as well human resource variables.

I want everyone to know that we always welcome appreciate constructive feedback.  We constantly strive to improve our processes and our service to you.  We aren’t perfect but we sure do care.