Making controls easier to operate for users with disabilities

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I have Neuromuscular disorders (big words for spasms) brought on by an accident several years ago. This makes using certain aspects of SmartSDR more difficult, such as fine tuning, volume control, adjusting filters, or any other action where a fine control using the mouse or mouse wheel is involved.

I would like to see an addition to the program where these types of controls are used, modified to use the arrow keys. In other words, if I could click on the volume control (or whatever) and then use arrow keys to adjust, it would make operating easier and much less frustrating, especially doing things like adjusting the receive filter. I might even be able to operate contests with some thought of placing in the top 100 if I didn't have to spend so much time adjusting where others might take for granted.

Another thing which night bear mentioning in this respect is that people who share these problems often have to deal with medications which further hinder using SSDR and similar programs where manual dexterity are involved. I'm speaking mainly of pain meds and how they affect our abilities.

BTW, as strange as it may sound, my operating mode of choice is CW which has it's own set of issues. I find using a single lever key works better for me than an iambic paddle, and sending faster is easier than slowing down. I seem to be best around 22WPM. I think I like CW because I can show myself that I don't have to give in to my physical impairments, and for that reason, using the keyboard is out except when the going gets a little too rough. I do feel sorry for those who have to copy me on my bad days though  :-{

I hope this post can be food for thought for those involved in writing SSDR.
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