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Is it possible, on the Maestro, to bring the waterfall real estate to zero similar to what is possible in SSDR? I can't seem to minimize it, and I can't find anything concerning this in the Maestro manual.

I would like for a single panadapter to fill the entie screen. I guess I could turn the waterfall to black, but the panadapter still only occupies half the screen.

Is there some way to bring the waterfall down to zero, or make it occupy less screen real estate as in SSDR?
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Posted 3 years ago

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Official Response
I was in the FRS office Monday and asked the same question. The reply was that currently not programmed but would be put on the list. Hope this helps
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This has my vote also...

PS. Nice shirt Ray!
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 thats actually a real good suggestion.. quite surprised that was not asked for during alpha testing
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It was.  It didn't make the cut for the initial release.  
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Thanks Tim, will look for it in a future release.  Only a couple of hours into operating the Maestro but impressed so far.  VERY happy that HI-LOW and SHIFT-WIDTH selectivity is easy to get to.  IMHO, Flex radios are not not going to sell Maestros....Maestros are going to sell Flex radios.  The great untapped potential of us "knob-guys" has finally been tapped.  Good show.
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I agree, it will free up space on the display when operating dual slices.
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Never liked waterfall displays, and really hope a future release will allow me to make it disappear. Really clutters the display with two panadaptors showing.
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Ditto. Resizing the waterfall as an option is a definite yes.
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I would have loved a QRP radio inside the Maestro so it could be a complete radio in it of itself.
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Isn't WiFi, QRP enough for you?

73, Jay - NO5J
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One of the features of SSDR for Windows I really like is the ability to adjust the ratio between panadapter and waterfall.  When I have multiple panadapters open, I need to shift the waterfall to be much smaller than when I only have one pan open.  Just a quick click & drag and everything is the way I like it.  It will be nice for the Maestro when something similar is implemented.
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I'd love to be able to turn off the waterfall, especially with two panadapters open. I never use the waterfall and find it just clutters up the screen.
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+1 for this, is there any update on if this has made the list for an up-coming version, or do I need to write a bot to up the number of replies a little more :-)
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I like the way it works now as well, on SSDR for Win, just pull the water fall down out of sight, then turn it off in the settings.