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My Maestro CW side tone is distorted.  I have tired every level control that I can find to adjust and eliminate the distortion but it is still there.   SSB audio is fine.   Side tone is fine if I use the 6300 key but on the Maestro key it is distorted.   Any ideas?
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Posted 3 years ago

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I believe Flex is aware of the issue and it is on the to do list.
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It is in the bug tracker.
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Hey Tim

A datapoint on the CW sidetone. Setting SSDR to same sidetone offset as Maestro, disconnect / reconnect SSDR and Maestro once or twice to 'sync' then it seems the sidetone is much improved. Using a 505 Hz offset and it's' "not bad". It appears the sidetone tone from Flex and internal sidetone from Maestro are being mixed together on the audio channel.


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On my unit if you set the sidetone to 1000 Hz, the "distortion" disappears! This does need to be fixed.
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At 1000 Hz, the harmonic content is likely reduced to the point where it's not painful like it is at lower pitch settings.  And few, if any operators will use a CW pitch that high in frequency. 

After using Maestro for two months, this issue has been my chief complaint, closely followed by the dirty/fuzzy receive audio from the Opus CODEC which, is apparently not adapting to link quality.  This issue is not limited to Maestro, it can be heard when using SSDR in remote mode as well as the K6TU iPad app.  So, it's not hardware-specific. I want to be clear on this point:  it's subtle but it's definitely there. See:

Paul, W9AC


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I'm about half-deaf, but the quality of the sidetone at 650hz seems better with 1.8, but iy's still annoyingly high when I change bands or select one of the profiles I use with SSDR. In SSDR I run at a level around 20, but it needs to be down around 6 or 7 with the Maestro.