Maestro Question - Hooking up an electret mic

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I'm on the waiting list for a new Maestro and I am planning my accessories...

I intend to get a 2Q-lite Lightweight Boom Headset with an electret mic. The microphone connection is a two conductor, 1/8th inch phone plug.

There is a Yaesu compatible modular jack and a headset jack on the back of the Maestro. The only compatible modular jack adapter is the Heil, but I believe its microphone jack is designed for a dynamic microphone on most Heil headsets. Headset jacks are four conductors with a common, a right and left speaker and a single microphone input - no separate connection for power for electret microphone use.

Is the Maestro's Headset jack wired to supply 5 V directly thru the microphone input?

Any suggestions on the best way to connect an electret mic with a two conductor, 1/8th inch plug to the Maestro?


Roy, AC2GS
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Posted 4 years ago

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Roy the 6000 series radios offer bias voltage(power ) on the audio ++ line controlled by the menue. This is the way your computer mic sand other electronic items typically power their elect condenser mics. Like Icom does. The mic you are talking about does it have A 1/8 inch two position plug for the mic if so you are home free the hiel adapter will work the power will be on the audio line.
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Comes with two 3.5mm mini plugs installed. Mono for the microphone and stereo for the head phones.
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Have i misread 2qlite's website - 'Why Spend For High Quality?' and a little further down the page 'Total cost is ($389.95)'.

If this is not a fortune for a $3 headset/mic, what is?
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...and instead of spending all that money for a 6700 ya could buy one of them there Baofengs for $30?

Ya pays ya money, ya takes ya choice...

What can I say, while I was waiting for my Maestro, I thought I'd buy myself something nice to go with it - I deserve it.

[It got a great review in QST - I'll tell you if it was worth the price and the trouble involved in purchasing it.]