Maestro owners what QSK delay do you use for semi-breakin?

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Maestro owners.  If you operate semi-breakin cw and not QSK...what value delay do you use in the Maestro Delay setting (push in the cw speed key to see the cw pitch, sidetone and delay menu).

Larry K1UO
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Posted 2 years ago

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If you are using an amp, check how fast the T/R relay is. Acom and similar amps are around 6-10 ms. I'd suggest you set it to at least that much or 15 ms to be on the safe side. Again, assuming you use an amp, find out what the relay timing is.
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With any amplifier, start with a higher delay (say 30ms) and a second receiver listening to your signal, then send a string of Vs or dots.  Bring down the delay until clicks start to appear.
That setting is the first sign of hot keying; increase the delay slightly and that becomes your optimum value.
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An old post I know, but I don't believe Larry's question was answered.  For non-QSK operation, I run this setting at 333.  The setting best for you will depend on your code speed, word spacing, etc.  You want to arrive at a setting where the amp PTT remains keyed until you are finished sending.  If you're sending at slow speeds, you'll want this number to be higher, but the higher the number the longer it takes to return to receive when you're done sending.  If I'm sending at 30 wpm, I experience no amp PTT drop-outs during a normal exchange and the rig returns to receive mode in an acceptable time frame.   If I want to run non-QSK in a contest where I want the rig to return to receive mode faster, I might run it down around 190 or so.  Much lower than that gets me relay drops and not a significant shortening of the return-to-receive time.
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When semi-QSK, I add just enough so that the relays drop out between words, but not between letters or characters.  This varies by speed, but in my case usually about 125-300 ms.  On a really noisy band i will add more delay, as much as 500.