Maestro on Youtube?

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Come on you must have had your Maestros for at least a day, and there are no new Youtube videos....

Us poor cousins back in the colonies have weeks to wait for our Maestros, so do us a favour and show us how great they are.

I mean, anyone would think you're busy having contacts... using knobs or buttons, or something...

Anyone noticed that the 6m Es season is well under way?....

Paul M0CVX / AC5NO  ;-)

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Paul Bradbeer

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Posted 3 years ago

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They are too busy cuddling and kissing them to make videos with them in action.
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Paul Bradbeer

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In fairness, if I had mine, I'd problem do the same.. I'll admit it, I'm jealous ;-)
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Steve (N9SKM)

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Yeah we don't need "that kind" of videos....
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Walt - KZ1F

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It's considered gauche to kiss and tell.
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You mean Maestro doesn't ship with a video capture utility built in?
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Paul Bradbeer

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Version 2, Barry. ;-)
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Isn't it already Ham Porn? 
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Burt Fisher

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The K1OIK program, you send me your Maestro and I will make you a free video, but it may take me a while to get all the shots I need. When I am finished, I will ship it back!
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Jd Dupuy

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Good idea! Need lots of shots and we know that takes time to get it right. Never mind all the fingerprints on the screen and knobs and faceplate!
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Mark - WS7M

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The WS7M equipment baby sitting program pre-dates the K1OIK program and works not only for Maestros but also 6700, 6500, 6300 radios and SPE 2K amps as well as towers and beams that need temporary good home with lots of TLC.  This summer we plan to expand our baby sitting service to include massive spools of hardline as well.  If you've got the gear we have the place for it!

The program just requires that you pay shipping both ways and your gear will be safe and well cared for by a loving non-smoker.   I will provide regular email updates to let you know how your baby is doing under our care.

Due to the time it takes to develop a working relationship with your gear we cannot ship your gear back until we are satisfied that relationship is solid.  Just rest assured your gear is safe and any time you want to talk to it, we offer a free meet up service on the the air so you can whisper sweet nothings to your gear almost at any time.  If that doesn't work for you I will gladly hold the phone up to your gear so it can hear your calming voice.  At least I will show your gear pictures of you to remind it of its origin while it sips carefully filtered 110 or 220 VAC converted to a delicious DC that your gear will savor.

The program is well received and has a great reputation.  All you have to do is ship me your gear and you are automatically enrolled.  Don't go for sub-standard programs offered by others trying to act as if they are doing you a favor!  We are doing you a favor by protecting your gear for you and giving it regular exercise!

It is a well known fact that the electrons in the traces become lazy and tired if not regularly given a run about.  We do that free of charge.  Your gear will get its much needed exercise under our program.  Other programs claim to do that same but they will just take pictures of your gear then go off and teach some class or they will haul your valuable gear around in the trunk of their car to some school and allow 9 year olds to slobber on it and touch it.  Your gear could actually get lazy and sticky in their care.  Not here!  Not under this program!

Your gear will receive the best care available and will receive clean, clear power to grow strong on.  Regular polishings are included at no extra cost!

It works.  It is easy.  You won't be disappointed!  Email anytime for the shipping address!

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I will do everything Mark does but remember Mark does not offer a video. A picture is worth a thousand words. Further I will not use your gear in a contest or a net. Can Mark say that? I will not let 9 year olds with pony tails or red hair touch your equipment. Attached below is my chief technician:

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And the competition begins!!