Maestro in Mobile to myShack - Want to know how well it works?

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I have no doubt SmartLink will work well with most home-based internet but I wanted to test the new v2.0 to see how it performs from a moving vehicle. Can this be so?
Test Setup: As simple as it gets, a 12v cigarette adapter to the Maestro, which was connected to the mobile hotspot I created with my Samsung cellphone (Rogers LTE). On the Maestro WiFi I selected the hotspot and got connected on the standard connection, not the Low BW connection. I like the blue colored SmartLink label, it stands out. Using a cheap Logitec year old headset I switched to 20m and made contact with EA9KB sitting in my SantaFe in the driveway. I ran back into the shack to add the contact to my HRD Logbook, then off for drive around town. Switched to 2m screwed around with the offset cuz that's not fixed yet, but the new RIT/XIT offset display makes it way easier to set. I talked a while with a regular on local SSB ragchew. Besides the VOX being a little choppy until I tweaked it, while I drove around for about a half hour there was with no break in connection and worked like a charm, just like I was in my shack or on my LAN with the Maestro. After a few minutes I told my buddy that I wasn't in my shack but driving around town remoting into my shack via the Maestro. He couldn't tell except my audio wasn't ask good as the PR-40 in the shack :)
Test Results: Passed with flying colors. So this answered my question and fulfilled one of the other reasons for getting the Maestro. Now the quality of experience is fully dependent on the internet connection. I can live with that for now.
Maestro has become my ULTIMATE MOBILE REMOTE HEAD.
No radio, no antennas, no engine noise and RF emissions and drilling holes.
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I, too, have been messing around with Maestro mobile.  My new car necessitated experimentation since it has an all-glass roof that is inhospitable to antennas.  I wanted to talk to 223 MHz repeaters to rag chew with friends on the way to and from the office.  The new car has a built-in LTE hotspot and connecting the Maestro to it is easy as pie.  I merely connected my DEMI 222 transverter to a vertically polarized antenna at home and the 6700 works wonderfully as an "internet remote base".

Next step is connecting some WEMO-powered coax relays to 6, 2, and 222 that switch between the horizontal contest beams and a tri-plexer port that goes to the vertically polarized Comet 50-1300 log periodic.  Then I'll be able to use my iPhone WEMO app to remotely switch among appropriate antennas for each condition.

This is lots of fun!

The only downside is the size of the Maestro.  Smart SDR for iOS and an iPad Mini are on the schedule to test as a possible alternative.  My concern there is the lack of a conventional hand-held push-to-talk mobile microphone.  The Maestro has that well covered.  Possibly the Flic Bluetooth button can be made to work well enough in that use.

I'd love to hear any and all suggestions for Flex "LTE mobile" peak experiences.