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Hi All,

Considering that in current days isn't easy to instal an antenna in apartments of the big cities. So, my idea is to buy FLEXRADIO/MAESTRO and operate remotely with the antennas in my house of weekend.I'm novice here and in the SDR, but in the radio I have almost half century.

But, before to buy the FLEXRADIO 6500 with MAESTRO, I have a question and If possible I would like to count on the friends to clarify me.

The question is the following:

I not read nothing how to connect the MAESTRO in a WAN to operate the FLEXRADIO family 6000. I know that perhaps is possible, but I would like to know if is easy, because in the side of the antenna/FLEXRADIO, will be my father, that not have knowledge to make adjusts or configuration in computer.

I thank a lot any information.
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Posted 3 years ago

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The Flex and Maestro are not usable on a WAN unless you use a virtual private network (VPN) or a remote desktop like Teamviewer. My advice to you is to buy only the Flex and use a computer if you want to operate through a WAN. After you become familiar with the techniques of getting around the WAN usage, you might consider augmenting your system with the Maestro. However, the Maestro will not provide you anymore remote functions than using a computer and SmartSDR.

Flex has yet to make their 6000 radios directly usable over a WAN, just a LAN. I have no idea when the WAN feature will become available.

Jim, K6QE

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There is no ability to connect over a WAN currently available in SSDR or Maestro. This functionality is due in V2.0 which the crystal ball puts about a year out.

You can accomplish WAN connectivity today using a VPN if you have the networking skills to set it up.

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If you have the networking expertise and you obviously belong to this comunnity than, query :
"Part 1 & Part 2 raspberry pi" from K6OZY for a possible solution.

I've implemented his approach and it does work. But a TeamViewer or Paralells Access implementation may be better suited.
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2 things. 1, is that there is a return policy on your new Maestro if you do not like it, so it can be returned. :)

As others have said, many are running remote via the WAN now using some additional hardware/software. Chris OZY has written it up well.

Personally, I do not use SSDR much anymore and I am 100% Maestro to my remote base. You will need some good bandwidth (about 1mb/s each direction). That can be reduced down to about 500kb/s as well.

Mike va3mw
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I run remote from many different countries much of the time.  yes I have run Maestro Remote over VPN using a Raspberry Pi Box built for me by K6OZY  - works amazingly well even over 4G Cell Phone..

But currently mostly I run remote (from 27 different countries so far) via my Station in California using my iPad under Parallels Access or K6TU Remote App or DL8MRE Remote App using the VPN Client built into the iPad and a computer running SoftEther VPN at Home.

The next release of Maestro Software will LIKELY (no promises when) include a built in VPN client so you would only need to set up a VPN at Home..

V2. of SSDR is supposed to have full WAN support..  again No promises when...

The major advantage of Flex over all other brands is that the 6000 Series is a purpose built server that easily connects to the Ethernet/Internet  --  we just need to wait for the software to catch up to the capabilities of the hardware

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