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While sitting here at the desk this morning and playing with the radios and the Maestro I had a wild idea.  I wondered if any thought had been given during the design of the Maestro to give it a HDMI or SVGA output, maybe even sillier, to utilize a touch screen monitor with speakers?  It would make a really handy set up, especially for operators with some vision challenges.

I don't want to distract anyone at Flex from Ver. 2 with WAN and "co-existant SSDR" so the Maestro can be used as a control surface like the IOS version,  but sure would be a thought in an updated "Maestro II" edition   :-)  (and the Flex folks thought they would get a summer vacation!)   thanks  Mike  W1BFA
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Mike W1BFA in Maine

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Posted 3 years ago

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Chris DL5NAM

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A Maestro is like a iPhone or a smart phone - a portable device. That's why maestro have a battery pack.
Have never seen a smart phone with a HDMI or SVGA connector.
If i need a larger screen i can use a laptop and WIFI. And by the way, Maestro is not a PC where FRS can place another interfaces

I see no need for a extra Maestro display.

... don't disturb FRS ! They still preparing SSDR V2 with WAN access - they need 100% full power for this. :-)

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I would have liked to seen a HDMI port too and maybe Bluetooth video mirroring capability, and heck while we're dreaming, have the Maestro also function as a full Windows platform so we can run digital programs so there's no need for a laptop.  But my guess is, at least for the foreseeable future, FRS has finalized the Maestro hardware platform.  (And I'm sure it was quite a challenge.) 

Perhaps someday we'll see a Maestro Pro! :)
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Mike W1BFA in Maine

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I don't know what version your Maestro is Chris, but mine is 10 times the weight and size of an IPhone or Smartphone.  It's also running windows 10 so I'm assuming the possibility was there.  Ralph, I will gladly wait for the "Maestro Pro" if I can have WAN by summer.  Right now I'm desk bound by winter here in Maine!

I'm 100% with ya on the distraction though...  73   Mike
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Sorry, I am afraid that this is not part of the Maestro design.
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Someone told me that the Maestro has a Dell tablet inside.  I do not know personally but if you are brave enough to break open the case and void your warranty you might find the tablet has a mini HDMI connection.