M Series on qrz for sale aready!

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Wow did u see the 6600m amd 6400m rigs for sale on qrz already. A learning experience I guess ... What you get when you didnt get what you thought you wanted!
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Posted 2 years ago

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or it's the Scammers again fishing to take someone to the cleaners.
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That is going to happen,, I have seen at least 4 Icom 7610 for sale, and a new Icom 7610 was traded in for a Yaesu FT-5000 radio.. Some folks like Analog Radios with lots of knobs!!  A friend of mine got a 350 SL Mercedes Benz, one month later he went and got a BMW X5,, Life Goes On!!  WA6PHN
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Time will tell on this.

But what would be really interesting is if they were previous Flex Radio owners.

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You can only speculate on the veracity of early ads.

The reasons can be highly personal, from speculation, marketing of ham fest prizes, scammers at work, or any other sort of reason.

In the Flex-5000A launch cycle some hams reserved and bought more than one, reselling their extras at a premium.

I bought a Flex-6300 from a fine operator who bought it and perhaps never did much more than display it in his shack. He was happy with the radios he had as the “shack trophy” really didn’t interest him - though he wanted to be in on the game. The 6300 was a long wait at the time, and I have to admit I resold it. Actually a good friend borrowed it and asked could he give me a check rather than returning the radio! He’s been running it every day since.

So again every ad has a story. Unless you ask the seller and gain trust in the story why it is for sale, you are only speculating.

And even if you find a nice juicy story, if it is isolation well then so what? You can find the remapping of a limited individual experience into false claims of general product dissatisfaction carried to absurdity over at eHam.

I’ve been traveling for weeks, returning today, and have operated my main QTH’s Flex-6700 with Flex-PGXL amp from a handful of different states. This morning I was checking the bands while in a fitness room in Iowa, again remote to my home station.

I can’t easily do this with other gear. And I am sure I was one a many many operators remoting this AM. But I would guess one of them might have a reason to sell their radio. Upgrading, retiring from our hobby, financial reasons, life boredom or just because.

So again take care reading too much into a few ads.


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Here is the reason the owner is selling his 6600M

From KN3C:

“This is not my first 6000 series radio. I don't like SmartSDR, the 6000 series software and I have considerable experience using it. I thought maybe having a control panel on the front of the radio would change my mind, but it hasn't. I am a long time PowerSDR user, and I found that I like operating my Flex 5000A much more than I do the 6600M. The sale is not a statement about the hardware. “
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Interestingly, the 6400M put up for sale by the other individual is now marked "sold."  Also noteworthy is that both sellers--one selling a 6600M, the other a 6400M--have call area "3" call signs.  In a market where precious few of these are up for re-sale, statistically what are the odds of this happening?
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Technology can be a scary thing for some folks.. FLEX users for the most part are NOT the so called Appliance Operators..  The Flex concept is all about home operation of the station plus REMOTE operation! Flex makes you LEARN new things again about radios, IP Networks, Device Drivers etc. etc. I am now on page 23 of the 6600M operational manual at my SECOND reading.. I hope to have read all Flex literature before the radio arrives next month. I am almost done watching all the on line videos about operating these radios,,, my first Flex..

So for me I LOVE the Technology and complexity of the Flex,, for others simplicity can not be more accommodating than a Collins  75A-4 radio.. Some like boat anchors and glowing tubes,, ( I Do !! ) and love to play with them, at times,, but when the going gets tough, the new SDR get going!!!

I guess some folks never want to give up their old Flip Phone, or Windows 7, or XP or DOS!! Flex takes you into the 21st century, and along with that comes SmartSDR, Windows 10, iPad, iPhone and more flexibility then you can imagine!!! 

Buyer Remorse is a reality, so do your homework first, and the level of frustration will be greatly diminished. And when my 6600M does arrive, and something has me stumped,, we have ALL OF YOU to help me figure it out, that is always a nice feeling, rather that folks saying, like on other forums,, "Hey Go Read The Manual Stupid"!

Robert WA6PHN
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I am just surprised that 30 days is not enough time to figure you don't like something and take Flex up on their excellent 30 day return policy.  Why take a loss on something selling it?