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Running V1.1  Win 7-64 on two different machines.   6700 connected to a Cisco Smart Switch with GREEN Ethernet turned OFF as are the CPU's

6700 shows up OK in the chooser

But when I try to connect to the 6700 I randomly seem to get the following error.

"Lost Connection to the Radio. Please reconnect."   Reconnecting does not work

There does not seem to be a pattern to the error albeit it seems to happen after one of the computers has gone to sleep.

The only way to clear this problem is to shut down and restart the 6700

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Posted 5 years ago

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The 6000 probably had an internal error and went into a network reset.  It will come back on its own after 1 minute.  There are many less of these on V1.1 but they still happen.

Flex guys:  Does the radio create an error log on why it did the reset?  Is there a way to submit them, if any, for analysis?

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Is SmartSDR supposed to be able to run on one computer at the same time?  I tried to launch multiple sessions, and kept getting the "lost connection" error on the second one, until I shut down the other running copy.  I figured this was by design.  I'll restart my 6700 tonight and see if that helps.

Edit -- I think I answered my own question.  In the "Related Conversations" over there --> is a "Are 2 instances of SmartSDR allowed?" thread from 6 months ago, which said No, that is not supported.
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I am not that familiar with the Cisco Smart Switch...
Is the rig getting it's IP address via your router's DHCP, or it it getting it via whichever computer it is connecting to at the time?  it may be getting confused as to its source of IP address.  If you have not already, I would recommend setting up a reserved IP address in your router so that the rig's ID is independent of your computer of choice. 

(If you are already doing this, disregard this message....hi hi.)

I have also had a problem when CAT and DAX were active on two computers at the same time and were apparently fighting over control of the 6500.  (layman's interpretation of complex networking behavior...)  When I closed all three -- SmartSDR, CAT & DAX on the first machine -- then things ran OK on the second.

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First, today we only allow a single SmartSDR-Windows client to be connected.  If you try to connect with a second client it is disconnected and you receive a message that the radio disconnected.  

Second, if the radio has an internal error it may decide that the best course of action is to restart its software.  We work to minimize these occurrences, but when they do happen you will receive a notification in the client that the radio has disconnected.  As mentioned in this thread, it will restart and reappear in the radio selection box in the client.

Finally, for the network geeks in the crowd I want to supply enough words to let you diagnose and treat any connection issues.  The discovery protocol that shows up in the client is a UDP/IP broadcast.  The broadcast provides the serial number, model, number of receivers and IP address of the radio.  It is only broadcast to the local LAN.  When you try to connect, the client uses a TCP/IP connection.  The radio will only allow connections from addresses in the same subnet -- all other addresses are rejected today.
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I have always been using a reserved IP in the main router for all devices (currently 36 devices) on the subnet.   The CISCO Managed Switch allows me to turn off the Green Ethernet Settings so that both the two computers that run SSDR and the 6700 have their Ethernet connections always up.  I only use SSDR on one computer at a time.

As I said, the lost connection error is random.  It occurs without a significant pattern.   I have NOT observed that the radio will reconnect after a couple of minutes.. the only way to reconnect is to reboot the radio.   Even when it has a lost connection, it is reading the Broadcast OK as to serial number, model, number of receivers and IP address of the radio.   

So clearly the client is failing to make the TCP/IP connection even though everything is on the same subnet and it is still reading the UDP/IP broadcast OK.
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Howard - if you are still having this issue, please open a HelpDesk ticket so we can troubleshoot the issue.
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I am currently travelling again but I just logged onto my 6700 remotely ok.
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I too have this problem with my 6500. I have opened a trouble ticket.

 I can replicate this by closing all software programs (SmartSDR, SmartSDR CAT, DDUtil) and then let the radio stay powered on overnight (PC is also running overnight).

In morning I open SmartSDR and radio shows up in chooser list. I click on the radio and the GUI starts up with just grey background. After a few seconds I get  "The connection to the radio was lost. Please reconnect.".

Only hitting the power button on the 6500 to shut down and restart the radio allows the connection.

This happens with two different routers. Cisco WRVS4400N and Netgear R6300.

Next step would be to install WireShark on the PC and see if I can get it to fail and capture network traffic