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A few days ago, I used the Flex 6500 along with N1MM logger to contact a couple of stations on 15 meter CW. Everything worked great just as it has for several years. The next day I again am in the shack and turn on the radio and computer and start looking over 20 and 15 meters to see what is going on. I find a station on 15 CW that I wish to contact and click on N1MM and within seconds it is up and going. A few seconds later I got a message that N1MM cannot communicate with the 6500. I try again with no luck. I reboot all, and agin it fails. After a couple of minutes I start looking around and find that SMART CAT no longer shows the comm ports that I have been using for my 3rd party programs. It is showing Comm Port 11 and 5002. Good, it is talking to the 6500. Where did everything else go? I go to device manager and all of my comm ports that I need are listed there. However, not on SMART CAT. Whats going on. I go looking and see something about GHOST comm ports. However, all of my listed comm ports in Device Manager are there and not in light gray. They look correct. I reboot SMART CAT, no help. I do not delete anything from Device Manager. I go back in time to the 27th of Feburary and have Windows go back to that day and redo itself. I downloaded the latest update to Windows 10 in the middle of Feb, so that is not the problem.  Again, no help. SO, I delete SMART SDR 2.1.32 and delete Smart VSP 2.1.32. and then go and reload the latest SMART SDR for the 6500. Everything loads fine and boots up fine. I look at the SMART CAT and I still only have Comm Port 11 and 5002. I look in Device Manager and guess what . Only Comm 1, Comm 11, Comm 111 and LPT1 are there. Both Device Manager and SMART CAT now match one another. SO, the $6500.00 question. What happened to my set Comm ports in SMART CAT and why did SMART CAT continue to cause Device Manager to list the COMM Ports that it should still have had in it. Where did they go? They were obviously somewere in SMART CAT, because when I deleted SMART CAT and reloaded it then everything was correct.  It will not be a big job to rebuild things as I only run about 6 3rd party programs.  HOWEVER, I would not like this to happen any more.

Who knows what went wrong and can tell me how not to have it happen again.  The 6500 manual does not answer this one.

Bob, N0IS

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