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Page 60/61 of the SmartSDR manual lists the settings saved in Global, Transmit, and Mic Profiles.  It could be quite useful to be able to list the current settings of profiles in order to compare differences between profiles.  I try to minimize the number of profiles as I can't keep track of the differences between the ones I have.  I notice others use many different profiles.  It seems like this could become very confusing.  

Has anyone provided a way to list profile settings?  Is it possible via the Flex API's? 
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Posted 3 years ago

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I would also like to be able to do this.  Somehow, my 'PSK_JT' profile became... unwell.  Could not get DM780 transmit audio to get from DAX TX (where I could see the level) to the radio itself.  Checked *everything* I could think of.

Switched to my 'RTTYDefault' profile and all was well, so I would love to know the difference between the two profiles.

This is in the 'P/CW' pane that I switched profiles.  I'd be happy to take a stab at writing code to tickle the API's if that's documented.

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If you export your profiles you'll end up with two files on your desktop. SSDR_Memories_01-04-17_09.13.csv is simply your current memory layout. The other file is more interesting but ultimately more disappointing... SSDR_Config_01-04-17_09.13.ssdr_cfg is actually a zip file. If you add .zip to the end you can open it up and find three new files in it.

One of the files, memories.csv just seems to be a duplicate of SSDR_Memories_01-04-17_09.13.csv. The other two is where the disappointment begins. 

meta_data seems to contain a list of some, but not all profile names. The default names appear to be omitted. No other obvious details are found in this file.

flex_payload probably contains all the information you want but, unfortunately, it is salted. No clue why FRS does this but to me it is a symptom of a poor profile implementation. One of my main complaints is what you found... something can change but there's no way to tell what that change is.

Flexlib provides a lot of tools to query the radio. If you could rely on the sections of the manual that discuss persistence and profiles it might be possible to set the radio to a profile and read each of the parameters. I have a feeling we'd run into a lot of glitches trying to figure out what affects a profile and what affects persistence.

I participate in a QRP contest and I always have to check my power out after making any change (such as an antenna). I have made a few contacts at 100 watts because I wasn't aware some obscure change I made changed the profile somehow to bump up the power.

The flexlib libraries are available on the main Flex website. I use them in Visual Studio 2015 with C# (just learning). There is some minimal documentation available on the wiki at There's also been some good discussion and discovery here on the community. If you set your community filter to SmartSDR API you can read up on previous discussions.

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