limited edition free upgrades?

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as a current v1 user, i want to skip v2 and go straight to v3

I inquired at ham comm, and got shrugs ??

this stuff from 5 years ago no longer applies, then ???
didn't see much in V2, myself, so held out..

regards, w5xz, dan

Rick - N4RZ

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I'm a Limited Edition owner and going to the major releases versus years sounds fine to me. SInce it simplifies the overall process. I do have one question, Do we get all 1.x versions and all 2.x versions or does our free support stop with version 2.0?

5 years ago
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 Gerald - K5SDR, Employee

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Rick, as a Limited Edition customer you get all releases of v1.x plus one future major release credit. Support continues for v1.x as long as you choose to use it. You can use your major release credit against the future major release of your choice. You could choose to use it for v2.0 or you could skip v2.0 and wait for v3.0. That means you would continue using v1.x until v3.0 comes out. At that time you would get all v3.x point releases and support. This is identical to the PC/Windows model as I described earlier.
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W5XZ - dan

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Posted 5 months ago

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Official Response
Dan -- If you (or anyone else in this position) has never run v2 on your radio, we will be happy to honor the agreement and apply your free license to v3.  Note that we will verify the claim.

I think the assumption was that all of the signature edition owners would update to v2 as that set of folks tends to be early adopters.  The alternative would have been to contact each and every signature edition owner and ask them what they wanted to do and then license around that.  This didn't make business sense.  I'm sure you understand.

Shoot me an email directly: eric AT flexradio DOT com.  We'll get you taken care of.