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I desperately need recommendations for "quiet" 24" displays. No amount of chokes on all  the signal and power cables in my shack will deaden the noise on my two Samsung displays. They make 75/80 and 40 meters unusable.  Specific model numbers would be appreciated.
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Plasma TVs are noted for being noisy I've tried several LED TVs and never had any problems
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These Samsung displays are light as a feather so they obviously have no shielding in them.  I have three in the shack.  With the 6500 connected to my laptop, I can watch the noise level jump 3 S-units with each display I turn on!
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I use HP Pavilion 27xi displays here (I think they make a smaller version, too). Do have chokes on the leads and put the switching (inline) supply in a shielded enclosure that is bonded to my station ground. They work great. Most of the efforts went to keeping RF OUT of the monitors, rather than ameliorating noise from them (although every dB helps!).

And to Bob's point, plasma screens are almost impossible to make "clean." Fortunately there are not many left in the wild.

Good luck.
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What voltage do the monitors use? Maybe you can replace the power supply with a quieter one. I have used AOC branded 24s with good results and they work with 12v so I can use the same large power supply that feeds the radio.
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I replaced ALL Samsung displays by ASUS.
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I'm using two Dell P2715Q monitors and an ASUS Predator X34. No noise issues that I can find. I don't see the a general increase in noise nor any specific pockets of noise so far.

Only problems I'm having is a little claustrophobia and I forget where I put windows sometimes.

One caveat... I think there are plenty of examples of a monitor working perfectly for one person and another complains about all the noise it generates. I'm not sure if this has to do with monitor consistency or just the local setup.
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Thank you for the continued suggestions.  I have already tried taking the wall warts out of service and powering them with the base station supply but that does not help.  The noise is clearly coming from the screens themselves...those millions of little light switches going on and off.  When I click on something to change the screen image (like open a document with a white background) you can hear the extra hash on the radio and see the noise level jump even higher!

Maybe I will try taking my KX-3 to the computer store and "sniff" different monitors.
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Are you using DVI/HDMI connection or RGB?  I have found that my RGB feeds are noisier than the HDMI feeds.  Are the feed cables themselves isolated with a few turns through Mix-31 ferrites?  (Not the standard ones provided by the manufacturer or cheaply available in flea markets.  These are good at VHF/UHF, but virtually worthless at HF frequencies.)  

I have been using two 24" Samsung 1080P Flat Screen LED TV's that I got at HHGregg for about $169 each.  They have little RFI generation.  I replaced a Panasonic with them, because the Panasonic was horribly noisy.  The bonus is that I can connect my Dish Joey to one of them and catch up on some TV when the bands are dead!  And when I move to a large 4HD I can move these to other rooms as TV's.

Ken - NM9P
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I run three of these, ASUS VS247H-P 23.6- Inch Full HD 1920x1080 5ms HDMI DVI VGA Monitor two with HDMI and one via DVI. Also have a Samsung TV here in the shack. None of which cause RX noise. 

The HDMI cables are Amazon Basic brand as I needed extra length. 

Just to ensure this is an apples to apples comparison where is your antenna in relation to the monitors? Mine are approximately 100 ft away.