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If you run the Flex 1500, 3000 or 5000 then take a serious look at what Darrin KE9NS has been doing. A few weeks ago I suggested a couple of changes that would improve serious DX chasing using PSDR...and here they are - suggestion to reality within a matter of 2-3 weeks....Darrin's SOFTWARE is DEFINING this RADIO !

"4/7/18 v2.8.0.76: New Quick "SPLT" button feature: Right click to automatically turns ON and toggles between a VFOB TX of +5khz or -5khz split from VFOA. AND: Setup->Display->Split TX Listen checkbox will automatically set the sub-receiver (MultiRX button) to the TX freq during the Split."

This feature adjunct with setting the VFO A/B audio balance/split allows you to listen to the DX in one ear, and the pileup TX-freq in the other!   So, when you here the otherside of the QSO you know you are on the right QRG...time to call, and its also easy to track the next QSO/ split-movement etc.

This particular feature is a technique that some of us serious (aka obsessive) DX chasers use to catch a slippery DX fish where they are plagued with heavy pileups. When trying to use SmartSDR I had to set up macros in DDUTIIL and other workarounds. Now in PSDR its easy - one click is all it takes for me to be ready and on the DX.

I recently sold both my 2 x 6500 and reverted to using a trusty 3000 with PSDR - a decission that was to focus on what the radio actually does for me right here and now - to help catch DX.

73 de Steve G1XOW

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Posted 2 years ago

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My question is how can One Man who does this as a hobby, apparently still has s daytime job is able to alter code and enhance this software which feels like a new Radio after each update and us S-SDR user’s pay $200 for .0 versions which take months on end to come out for patches and fixes for prior versions??? I wish SSDR had 1/2 the intuitived features that PSDR has.
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Hats off to Darrin.  A while back I asked him about implementing a TOT into PSDR.  Like stated above within two weeks it was there.  I am also dumbfounded by how long it takes Flex to implement changes and fixes to SSDR???????  The beauty of SDR should be to implement changes rapidly.  Yes, I too should have kept my 5000.  Undoubtedly SSDR will surpass PSDR  BUT it should not take this long.  
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@Steve G1XQW. I only work DX. I usually am the first to break into any DX pileup so when I hear claims that Flex is not a DXers radio I quietly laugh at the misinformation.

For better or worse I travel a lot. Yes it was me under the Chunnel working DX and from 28 countries so far. So easy with SmartLink and Flex. So hard with every other radio I have ever tried and I have tried virtually everything on the market.

All my remote contacts are DX from California no matter where I am in the world.
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Not a DXer's radio?! 

I don't think there is anything better for working DX pileups!
Combine the industry-leading panadapter, the brickwall filtering, the ability to visualize the pileup, customize the pan and volume of individual slices at will, the excellent TX EQ & PROC, RX EQ (especially helpful in enhancing poorly EQ'd stations on the other end, and the ability to use up to 4 different bands at the same time on my 6500...8 bands on a 6700, and full duplex with certain configurations.  Could there be anything better?

Yes....They need to update WNB & NB.  and Auto Notch Filter needs some work, too.  But properly adjusted in conjunction with the AGC-T, they are all helpful to different some interference cases at my shack, the are extremely helpful.  on other interference types, they need work.

But I compensate for ANF deficiencies with TNF, which is spectacular once you learn to adjust it.

How good a DXing machine is my 6500?

Well in the short four years that I have actually worked at chasing DX, I have not only earned the DXCC, but have qualified for DXCC on 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, and 10 meters, (only 2 more QSL's to go on 12 Meters) with endorsements on CW, Phone, & Digital, and a total Challenge score of 1182.

230 Countries confirmed by LOTW... all LOW power with moderate antennas.  And I have many other QSLs from countries I am not counting because I am all LOTW here.

I know there are MANY hams with much superior scores than this, but many of them have taken a lot more time to do it, and are running much larger antennas and more power.  

Some say that "it is the skill of the operator that makes the difference."  I'm flattered by that, but the equipment enhances the operator's and ability.  Nothing else I have used in 44 years has made it as easy and as much fun to shoot DX in a barrel as my 6500 has.

Fan-boy?  Perhaps.  But Success speaks loudly at my station.  And success creates excitement...and fans.

Ken - NM9P

BTW.... KE9NS has done a spectacular job with PowerSDR. 
If I still had my 1500, I would be running it for sure.  (I still miss my 1500).

It is, however, a much different program than SSDR, which must incorporate the processing needs of multiple, different, processors at the same time.  SSDR is much more difficult and involved to make even simple changes.  But once they are made...the 6000 series is vastly superior.