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Due to work schedule and rig upgrade, I have just recently joined the 1.6 party. Since I was w/o a 6k series rig for awhile, I decided to go whole hog and update to win10 as well. I did the FRS full SSDR uninstall first and then did the win10 update. My software and pc skills are very basic compared to many here, I would like to say though I find win10 to be the best win OS upgrade that I have ever done. PC boots up and shuts down far quicker than before, pc also seems to run MS and 3rd party software better and as time goes by the win10 OS seems to be optimizing.

While I am grateful for the above, the big question was how will SSDR 1.6 play on my OS upgraded machine and how will it interface with my new flex ? I used the included disk to install v1.6.17 onto my pc. Powered up the rig and RATS I see rig must be downgraded. Well, I did not want to remove the factory installed 1.6.21 from the rig so I would simply download SSDR 1.6.21 from FRS website and install it on my pc. This created a conundrum. Keep or delete 1.6.17.

I rolled the dice, kept 1.6.17 on my pc, downloaded and installed 1.6.21 onto my pc , opened the SSDR window and rig available : ). I have yet to see any of the reported difficulties except for low power output.

Rig was on for approx. 14 hrs went to transmit and xmit power was low. Could not increase with SSDR controls so I simply shutdown SSDR and restarted it. Fixed the minor issue and have not seen a repeat yet after two days.

I have n1mm+, mmtty, wjst-x and fldigi all up and running. I do not have a big issue running external hardware, however, I love the WK emulator and the clean look w/o needing  the WKusb hardware any more .

Bottom line much praise for the upgrades to SSDR and the work required to make it compatible with changing software. You have made things very easy for even a IT simpleton like me and that is wonderful because I absolutely love your product.

note: I have seen the thread discussing win10 updates and dax issues. While I do prefer the better control of updates provided in win7, you can go into settings in win10 and have windows notify prior to reboot for updates. Hopefully that will be enough warning to close SSDR, dax and cat controls.
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