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I would like to thank Tim and the rest of the Flex gang for a fantastic radio. Even though it is quite limited in it's capabilities at present, it does a good job. Cannot wait for future releases of the software, it's like getting a new toy all over again. To the Flex organization - fine job.
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Posted 6 years ago

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I completely concur with this sentiment.

I can only imagine the pressure at the moment to get this product ready for the big time - and the million decisions that have to be navigated to ensure that V1 reaches orbit.

Go, Flex Radio, go! :-)

We'll need a button added to this support site so that we can send a virtual bottle of champagne (or even a real one!) to the team once they're done and delivered.
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I agree. Everyone should do a little checking into the complexity/ capabilities of the FGPA (Xilinx XC6VLX75T for the 6500), and the DSP/control processor(TMS320C6A8167 for the 6500) as well as the very visible Windows client. I was quite flabbergasted that we talk about SmartSDR as a "thing". It really is more like 3 very complicated things and then we get to throw in the 6700 differences! Wow! This really isn't easy!
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Dave, you are off by 4. There are actually 7 independently programmed processing devices in the SmartSDR system that all have to play together. Few people understand or appreciate the sophistication of this system. It is a system. The importance of that fact will become more and more evident over time.
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I can see Gerald being caught between a rock, and a hard place.

FRS wants this to be really really good, so they should take their time.

On the other hand, the sooner SSDR 1.0 gets released, the sooner the
software subscription fees can begin...every company needs a revenue
stream, to stay in business...

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Exactly. It's tough at the top!

Another dynamic is the marketing. You have to build up excitement and expectations in the market to have a commercially successful launch and indeed a platform on which you're going to continue to engage with in future. However any expectations created can turn into liabilities if not fulfilled. It all has to be carefully choreographed!

As far as I'm concerned they should take as much time as they want to get the initial offering _deeply_ high quality and impressive, even if they need to fill out feature breadth later. However, there are many constituencies to please.
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I am comforted seeing behavior like the roadmap; it's the right way to navigate the future. Only the good companies give projections like this.
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I am so pleased to see the road map published in the last Flex Insider. Flex Radio's plan provides a clear path for the evolution of what is already the best radio in its class. It will only get better and better and will be completely functional with version 1.0. Best of all, Flex radio has demonstrated they stand behind their customers by starting the clock on the software upgrade at the conclusion of the published road map. Few other companies would be so bold as to publish a plan for their engineering efforts. Their customer communication and management access is world class.

I have known the people at Flex Radio for many years and they are all genuinely good and honest. They put their customers first and care deeply. I would like to sincerely thank the senior team at Flex Radio Gerald, Steve, Eric, Matt, Greg, Graham, and Lori. You have my loyalty and support. I am committed to helping make this radio exceed all expectations and to earn its rightful place as the best ham radio ever created. For my fellow hams, we can work together to achieve this goal.