Keying the TX using a Remote Headset/mic/Switch in the upcoming v1.4?

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Aside from VOX or click-and-hold, what options do you imagine for keying the TX using a PC-connected remote headset/mic or switch in the upcoming v1.4? 

What, if any, manufacturers will offer a "complete" headset solution for Flex 6000 series users who do not want to use VOX or click on the screen to TX during remote operation from a PC? 

Will v1.4 have a provision for such a hand/foot-switch hardware solution?  (or is it already there and I'm too dimwitted to notice the solution in front of me!)  Maybe Flex will be offering a hand/foot switch?  [Now, I'm wondering, does the FlexControl already map one of the buttons to Xmit?]

As I lie dreaming at night of features Santa and his elves (please, let's not forget the elves!) are putting into v1.4, these questions ensued.  I need to stop eating before I go to bed.

Mark K9BOO

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Posted 5 years ago

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It's the cheese...
Try a nice shot of bourbon or rye...

Sweet dreams!
Stu K6TU
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Headsets and handsets for Apple iOS and Mac devices with the familiar 3.5mm, 3-sleeve section plug have a pause button that could be programmed to provide a convenient PTT function.
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Perhaps for remote use with a headset they can incorporate the Space Bar for keying the radio to transmit.

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I bought a wireless remote receiver with two fobs. looks like a remote car door  lock . added 12 volts and I now can ley my radio from anywhere in the house. using mt JABA  wireless head set I can being my flex up on my 55 inch tv and operate. the ptt device only cost 18.00 but the batteries in it are a little expense. I keep one fob hanging from my pr40 wjhen I want to use ptt instaed of vox.
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Official Response
SmartSDR v1.4 is not slated to have a hardware method for keying the radio via the remote PC.  You will have to use VOX or click MOX on the GUI.  This capability may be included in a future version of SmartSDR.
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On a remote laptop can we use Bluetooth to the laptop? Or would possible latency be an issue? Just wondering if you experimented with this.

73 Jeff

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While not necessarily applicable to 1.4', I have been using a Bluetooth headset for my iPad remote operations with SSDR. No latency issues.
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Great glad to hear that. I have ideas of the laptop out and about sending pictures while remote via HF someday. Bluetooth would help have hands free a little bit.

Good day to you Howard!

73 Jeff

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Just noticed Tim's post, and my enthusiasm for V1.4 LAN Remote is dropping.  At best we're talking about a LAN-Remote-Audio-proof-of-concept feature in 1.4.  I still need my RemoteRig for PTT and for CW paddle support.  I'll give it a try, but I can't predict if CW sidetone latency will make keying feasible using remote audio.  If I plug my headset into a computer USB adapter then I lose the PTT connection I have through the RemoteRig.  At least the foot pedal going through a separate port will still work.  Kind of makes me want a FlexControl with CW paddle support AND a headphone/mic/ptt jack AND locally generated CW sidetone.  Guess I have to look at the FlexLib API after all.