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Here is a short video as a sneak preview of the new iPad app I'm working on - K6TU Remote - for full remote control of the Flex-6000 series radios over LAN and WAN (Internet VPN required with adequate performance).

Some likely questions and related answers...

What does the App work on?
The app works on the Apple iPad.  Testing is still in process but its likely that the app will require Apple Metal (graphics engine and GPU) for adequate performance.  This probably means an iPad Retina or more recent unit.  The software works on an iPad Mini but performance is not acceptable to me.

When will the App be available?
Probably in a couple of months - all the heavy lifting is done but I want the UI experience to be uncluttered, natural and easy to use.

Will there be an alpha/beta version?
Yes - but all the alpha and beta test slots are already committed - sorry.

Will the App be free?
Free?  Like in free beer? No - there will be a "lite" version of the App which will be a free download from the App Store but it will only support receive operation and a single slice.  The full function App will be available for purchase on the App Store at a price higher than the current K6TU Control App.  The final price is still being debated.

Describe the App
K6TU Remote at the first release will support a single pan adaptor (with waterfall) and a maximum of TWO slices.  You will be able to make CW and Phone QSOs - there is no digital support for modes like PSK, RTTY etc although you can use this App in parallel with SmartDAX & SmartCAT running on a computer.  It is likely that there will be no CW sidetone at the first release - you will see the CWX typed characters change color as they are sent.  You will NOT be able to use SmartSDR at the same time as you are using K6TU Remote - the current radio firmware supports a single GUI client at a  time.

Will the be an Android version of K6TU Remote?
No.  I don't have the cycles to be able to support Android devices - sorry.  However, there are others working on GUI apps for Android as you can see by searching the Community.

But I have many more questions! :-)
Alas GrassHopper I have used today's quota of answers.  Answer rationing is in effect here in California so tomorrow doesn't look too good either... ;-)  I will do my best to answer questions but I'm in the coding process and working like fury to get the alpha out to the testers so please excuse me if the answers aren't by return.

Thanks for looking and hope it whets your appetite!
Stu K6TU

PS: The waterfall renders really nicely but looks a little washed out in the video.  I will post some high res video stream captures when I have time.
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