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I'm running two instances of WSJT-X and I would like to know how to setup JTalert for each of those instances. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Posted 4 months ago

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Not sure you can as JTAlert I believe uses a common port that is not configurable..  I think.. port 2237 if I am not mistaken

Maybe someone else has a way around it
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It’s easy... you click on the JTAlert icon and it opens up to the WSJT screen... if you click on it again it will open to the next slice using WSJT and so on... in my 6700 I run three slices all three using WSJT and all three using JTAlert
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How do I get clicking on the JTAlert icon to open WSJT?  When I do that here JTAlert comes up with a message saying I have to have WSJT already opened before JTAlert will come up??
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Correct.  JTAlert is pretty smart.  Just keep starting them as you require them.  I run 2 or 3 all the time with no additional configuration required.
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Wsjt-x must be started before starting jtalert for a slice. I open multiple slices then click jtalert when first opens I double click jtalert again. When it opens I double click jtalert again for third slice.

I have seen where there is a jtalert or wsjt instance running in the background preventing jtalert to start. I go to Task Manager and look for processes running even though nothing is running on the screen GUI. just close that process and it will behave properly. You could also just reboot your computer.

Jtalert starts showing #1 and the band, then #2 and band for second instance etc.

Once in a while I will close all jtalert instances and open them again to get myself organized again. For example if running 4 slices and you close slice 2 then restart slice 2 it may not start up as #2. Not sure exactly what you may encounter but you have some insight into what you may find.

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OK, I can execute a JTalert for evey instance of WSJT-X that I have but after a couple of decode attempt I get a squawk from JTalert that things aren't quite right. I've got example below.

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You have to set each instance of WSJT-X with a different UDP Server Port number.  It's under File, Settings, Reporting Tab,  UDP Server:  each instance should have a different port number. 

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The UDP port number just the last digit needs to be changed on each WSJT-X.

I have even been able to retain the Auto start feature for slice A and JTAlert. Then manually start Slice B.
Incidentally the latest version of HRD is allowing automatic logging of both Slice receiver's.

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my problem. Finally got it working.