I've had my FLEX-6500 since around Christmas 2017 and am thrilled with it.

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Before buying my Flex I was somewhat leery of making such a big purchase after seeing so many people on the forums with 'problems' with their Flex radios. I've since come to realize that there are huge truckloads of people out there with Flex radios who have very few or zero problems with their Flex radios. I'm one of those highly satisfied customers. Flex, like any company, will have issues arise from time to time with their products. Flex does, however, get those problems fixed with what to me appears to be a far better than 99% satisfaction rate. What a prospective buyer needs to know is that Flex stands behind their great products. Period.

To paraphrase what someone pointed out to me when I expressed my concerns about the complaints, "The squeaky wheel makes all the noise, us happy users don't make enough noise, we're too busy using our radios."

Rick - K5RHA
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Posted 2 years ago

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This is something some people do not realize, the reason for this forum is to ask questions if your having trouble, almost all problems are reported here, very few bye email or phone.
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And I have had my Flex-6500 since November 2015 and have never had any problems with it. It has been perfectly reliable. It is also the finest transceiver I have ever used.

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Slightly different, but similar story here. Have had my 6600M for only a few weeks, but frankly I've found nothing that can't be figured out reasonably quickly. The PDFs are nice, but I did print and spiral bind all the manuals - and I think that was a huge help for me.
73 Jim, WQ2H
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You just jinx yourself!!! :)
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Richard, et al,

Nice to hear the positives for sure.  I've made pretty much this same post myself a few times.

Even as a long time Professional Program that has both hosted and visited many many BBS and forums it is easy to forget that this is a place where you will generally see mostly problems.

I had to remember that recently when I upgraded to a 6600.  Seemed like the day I placed my order a number of people reported fan issues, 3 blinking lights and more.  But my 6600 was delivered a little over a month or so from order and was flawless out of the box.  Its back at FRS now for the final part of the PEN update.

Flex radios have completely changed my view of radio.  In fact I decided to buy a used 6300 as both a backup radio for times like this when the 6600 is "busy" and also for field day and possible SOTA/POTA remote ops.  I oped part of this field day as a test with my Yeasu FT-991A and hated every second of it.

So count me spoiled.  

I hang out with some pure signal and clean audio freaks.  It is so funny to listen to them fiddle with setting after setting and buffer and buffer trying to get the software that drives the Anan just right.   Then in the very next sentence they will say something like:   "Hear that guy down the band?  Sounds like he's on a flex radio with a badly tuned amp."   I just sit there and laugh as they go right back to their fiddling and tweaking.

I was in a round table with these guys and a couple of other hams and the Flex bashing started.   Now the guys know I use one and they let the bashing from these other hams go on for a bit then one of my friend announced that WS7M is running a flex.  You could have heard a pin drop as no one said a word... Then finally the most aggressive basher admitted that my flex was the best sounding flex he's ever heard.  I do spend lots of effort to ensure my audio going into the radio is top notch.   

But while these guys fiddle around with their settings I have 4 pans open and watch for DX spots on my pan!  I even have my setup driving my SPE 2K amp in such a way that band change is instant.  While listening to these guys on 40 I've worked a fair amount of DX on 20 CW.

Its just harder to do this stuff with a conventional rig.
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Been a ham since 1977 and have owned tons of radios some good some bad.  My Flex 6400M is by far the best radio I have ever owned.  Period.  The squeaky wheels come to the forums to get grease.  The happy campers just use and enjoy the Flex Radios.