Is there any reason the 6000 series radio should not be ran 24/7???

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Posted 4 years ago

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I have been running my 6500 24/7 now for well over 10 days on this cycle.   When I am not using it for SSB I leave it running on WSPR, or monitoring 6m.     The only time I have rebooted the box (not powered off for any extended period) is when there are updates, or I lose connection due to me messing with the network.

I have experienced no issues due to running these extended periods.
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None what so ever. I use one of the first 6700s ever made and it has run 7x24x365 since early January 2013
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I disconnect mine from antennas, power, and Ethernet when lightening storms come through.

A few months ago after a lightening storm came through I had to add an Ethernet card to my computer and replace an Ethernet switch. I was glad the radio had been unplugged.
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Thunderstorms are a major concern here in the Atlanta area and worse in other places. One reason I added a fiber link for the 6700. And why I have to shut down the radio when ever it is unattended. WAN remote may not be a good option for those of us with thunderstorm concerns. Regards, Al / NN4ZZ
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I *should* unplug mine during a lightning storm (I live in NC) but usually when I realize lightning is here, there's no way I'm touching that antenna connector (er, lightning rod). Not worth the risk, even knowing what I paid for it. But if it ever does get cooked, I'll be very sad.
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I run remote much of the time so my 6700 runs 24/7/365 since 2013 with reboots only for software updates
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Like a PC that runs 24/7, you may need to clean the inside a bit more often and perhaps the fans may need replacement sooner.  But keeping it clean inside will help. 

I use compressed air from an eight gallon DeWalt compressor together with an OSHA approved air nozzle.  Set the output pressure for ~40 lbs/ then regulate the air pressure to sensitive cabinet areas by backing off a bit on the nozzle distance.  Don't use any imported air nozzle.  The OSHA nozzles have a pair of openings at right angles to the main air outlet.  If the outlet is obstructed for any reason, the side openings will safely port the air out.   

Cover removal is easy on the Flex 6000 series.  But before you do, purchase a Torx T8 x 60mm hand wrench.  You'll need it to remove the cabinet screws.  I really like Flex's choice of Torx  hardware.  It's almost impossible to mar the screw heads since the Torx uses a positive drive head with no means for slippage.

Paul, W9AC

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I leave mine on 24/7 but I do power cycle it once every few weeks or so. I think it is more of a problem with my router than anything, although since I've discovered a router config problem along with a defective monitor power brick causing RF havoc, maybe the problems were external and not with the Flex. Things are looking up... :)