Is there still a Flex net on 20M on Sundays?

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I think there used to be a notice on the old Flex Web site about a 20M net on Sundays.  I can't find any reference to it on the redesigned page.  Does anyone know if the group still meets?

tnx,  Nick

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Posted 5 years ago

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Jay -- N0FB, Elmer

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Yes it does. 1 PM CST on 14.329 +-
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It was my first Flex Net and 41 people checked in yesterday.  The net lasted over an hour an a half.
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I tried listening yesterday to the Flex net at 14.329 and it was a disaster with all the qrm going on from a SSB contest.  The net lasted maybe 10 to 15 minutes due to severe qrm as opposed to 1 to 1.5 hours under normal band conditions.  I'm not sure I I heard net control say that it was possible to either listen or interact via a vhf echo-link or internet connection.  Could someone please confirm or deny that possibility?

Regards:  John M  (VE3INH)
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It's still on 14.329, Sundays 2:00pm Eastern time. It was on for about 45 minutes this last sunday, due to the qrm. You can also listen on, Dudley's call  ( . I believe there are a couple of other methods for remoting in too.

I'm in Florida and it's interesting to hear what Dudley's radio hears in TX vs. mine in Florida. I have the livestream on a speaker and the radio on a headset and can quickly flip back and forth.

There is about a 5 second delay in audio coming over the internet.

Brent  W8XG   
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I do the same, and often hear better on Dudley's rig than my own! I was busy with the contest this weekend and didn't check in. I figured it would almost be pointless due to contest QRM anyway.
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Any chance you chaps could use UTC for us foreigners, hi hi?
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I agree. We claim to be Amateur Radio Operators and we still use mountain time, eastern time, central, how about daylight savings... etc.  Every post regarding time should be in UTC GMT or ZULU for you military folks. Then there would be no confusion.... 
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Use UTC in addition, just part of the price the Brits decided they'd pay when they convinced the world that the sun comes up in Greenwich. Hint: the world is round, the sun doesn't actually turn off at night. It likely will not last forever, perhaps we should find a new one before it does, think of how much fun it will be to convert to the one true UTC time standard when Greenwich no longer exists, and the sun no longer rises and sets on it. Mother tell me about UTC, AD, and BC again I have a test in my Ancient Superstitions class in 23 days on the last day of this week.  

In all of human history, the only thing thats the species has ever completely agreed on is the value of "0" In other words we agree on "nothing".

Most of us agree that 1 is better than nothing, but would still accept another. If it's free, and I get mine first.

73, Jay - NO5J
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Because the 0 degree line of longitude goes through Greenwich, WE decide on the time for the rest of the World, mwahhaha! Nobody eats lunch until we say so, hi hi.
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You Brits Rule!

Um But weren't you the ones that decided to be the zero, too? Here we'd have fought to be #1. Yeah we're a little bit late, It's cause we're #1. How's the metric conversion process going? There's a few more miles to go on it here. Here in Dallas some of us have already started to convert, we keep the speedometer needle between 70 and 112 on the freeways now. But I'm driving metric officer I thought I was doing the conversion right, nevermind I'll drive faster.

73, Jay - NO5J