Is there a good reason to not give Ham Radio Deluxe a try on my Flex-6500?

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I have a Flex-6500 and love using SmartSDR and Amateur Contact Log as well as an assortment of other third-party apps to round out my tool list for digital modes etc.

Ham Radio Deluxe seems to have some nice features as well.  Is there any strong reason to not switch over to give HRD a try?

I certainly don't want to do anything that will foul my Flex-6500.
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Posted 1 year ago

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I used to use HRD as my primary but have now switched to Log4OM fo my day to day logging and I use N3FJP loggers for most contests and N1MM+ for all my RTTY contests. I'd say just try them out and see what works best for your style.
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Been using HRD from 2012. When I got my first Flex end 2017 I decided to try out and evaluate a number of logging programs to handle my main logg. Using N1MM for contest exclusively and then moving Q's to HRD. Had been using old HRD 5, free version, but no great support for my new Flex in that version.

Finally decided to upgrade to HRD 6, paid version, and stay with HRD. Much because I'm used to it, but it is also a very competent program and fullfil everything I wishes from a loggprogram.

But as Rory - N6OIL says .. Try it and see what's best for your taste and neddds. Most programs that aren't free have some sort of "try it out" version/offering.

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I too am using HRD 6.XX and have since 2011. I have used it on several different radios and currently use it on both FT-991 and 6300 for all logging.  It really does a nice job with DM780 for rtty and PSK. I have it setup on two computers with the main database on a network drive.  N1MN would be better for SSB Contesting. Do the 30 day trial. BTW their Tech Support is pretty good.
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I think the point is HDR Logger and DM780 are pretty good and work well for most people with Flex Radios.. 

I actually use Both HRD Logger and DXLabs for logging as well as the log feature on SSDR/iOS and now FlexLogger for logging as well and Writelog for contesting..  Each has desirable features that do not conflict with SSDR

However the HRD Main Screen Control Panel seems rather redundant when using SSDR, frankly consumes a lot of CPU Cycles needlessly and has had numerous instances where it conflicts with SSDR,  I definitely do NOT recommend using the HRD Control Screen which of course is easy since you can start Logger and DM780 without it.

Frankly I wish HRD would sell a version without the control panel. screen..
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I use HRD. Have since 2013. I like the functionality and the screen layout options.

Technically the ability to use different database formats gives some databases advantages. I am planning on upgrading to a more network friendly database.

HRD is integrated with Slice-Master 6000 that is very good for Flex and 3 rd party apps.

It is not a very good log during a contest but you have N1MM for that if rate is important to you.

You have to invest time to get it to do custom things somewhat like a Flex Radio. It can do so much you have things to learn and settings to choose.

Every ham has their own favorite. If the developer goes away you start over. Free is not always free.

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I've been using PowerSDR with my Flex 5K for the pasts 6 yrs and I guess I got spoiled with all the features that it has and must admit I am not at all impressed except for the smartlink. For me I wish it had the mouse over to change freq, saving recordings, remembering settings just to name a few. I gave up a kidney to get the 2nd receiver for "Diversity reception" but, oh well, maybe in the future it will come? 
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Like others, I have been using HRD just about since it's release. The support has been been great. The program is a lot of fun with tons of features. With the Flex, I use Slicemaster with it to get the functionality I want, particularly tracking slices. The one downside: When it comes to logging, it makes you awfully lazy.
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I have been using HRD for years and love it BUT it has one major flaw... if you click on a spot that is showing with a QSX freq. the Fkex will go to the QSX freq. and not the SX... HRD knows if this fkaw and for some tine has promised a fix but for years has not addressed it... other than that, I love it and use it daily
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I prefer DXLAB Suite, N1MM+ (for most ARRL, CQ and WAE contestng, etc) and N3FJP (for ARRL SS, FD, and free School Club Roundup).
DXLab Suite and N1MM+ are free (N3FJP is well worth the small cost Scott is asking). All three under go continuous improvement, with very accessible and helpful support.
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I too use HRD with my 5000. As already been pointed out the main HRD program is not needed so I use minideluxe. This acts as an IP server and let's you run dm780 and the logger with the main HRD application.
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I used to use HRD until they deactivated the license of a user because of a negative review.

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Old news and there has been a changing of the guard since then.
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Perhaps - But old news does not make it fake news. It happened, and I choose not to trust them.
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Ditto with Bob. A while back there was a change in at least management and probably ownership. The crew now is very pro active, open and responsive.  I was initially told to pound sand when the previous management took over from Simon. So I waited to see where it would go. About a year ago I sensed a change so I stepped up and have never regretted it. Do the 30 day trial, call them and ask some technical questions and see what you think.
Good luck
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There's no reason not to try them all. I've been using DXLabs for years but regularly try each of the other major players to see if they can dethrone my chosen logger.

Kev K4VD
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I do the same and no other logger has even come close.