Is K9ZW violating the Community Rules?

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I have stayed mostly out of the V3 fray.  I have read the comments but chosen to not express my opinion.  However, one thing did occur to me after reading a post made by K9ZW in this community in which he posts a link to his personal blog.   In the blog post on his website he expresses his personal opinion about other Flex user whom have not found V3 to be quite what they want from posts made on this forum.  Without using names he takes several colorful swipes at them with personal insults as to their motives.  He even takes a few swipes at a 3rd party developer whom made posts on this community.

I will say up front I have no issue with K9ZW having an opinion on these other uses and expressing it on his own blog even if it is not a very respectful thing for someone that is a Flex Alpha Tester to do.

However, I seem to remember that on this community we are suppose to show respect and not get personal with other user opinions.  My question is should links to other sites that are not following the same respectful rules be allowed?  Or is it just a way to skirt around the rules even if names are not used.

I noticed at least one other Alpha Tester post a reference to the unkind remarks in support of K9ZW blog comments here on this community.  Thereby supporting that opinion and again not being respectful of the opinions of the other Flex users while skirting the rules here on this forum.

What do other think?

Secondly I do not know if there is a policy about links to other sites but I would be in support of those links only be allowed if it provides information which is of help to the community or its members and that the respectful dialogue rules are also enforced.

John K3MA

PS- here is a link to the thread on this community.[settings][filter_by]=all&topic-reply-list[settings][reply_id]=20087337#reply_20087337
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Posted 4 days ago

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John, I just read that blog and I must agree with you. While individuals are not named there are nevertheless a number of attacks clearly directed toward specific individuals.

Flex, the very next feature I would like to see is an IGNORE button for this forum!
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I expected more of Steve. I counted him amongst the few on this community that I explicitly trusted to stick with the issues and add clarity. Actually, one of only two on this whole list.

As for violating community rules, I doubt it. I'm pretty sure almost every one of us has kind of broken or stretched the limits. I chalk it up to being passionate about Flex's success (or to be more accurate, my access to the best product and service Flex can offer) regardless of which side of an issue I find myself on.

The fact Steve voiced his comments on his own platform is not for me or anyone to try and stop. That's a dark path to head down. It probably shouldn't have been brought up here at all.

Kev N4TT

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Quotes from that fine piece of writing
"One geriatric ham" 
the really weird “Cheapskate Ham”
"What idiocy do these folk bring to our community?"
" prima donna"
"internet pissant"

This guy is an elmer and a member of the alpha testing team? FRS should be so proud.

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He reverts to name calling like you'd see in 3rd grade. Sad and sorry individual especially since he is an "Elmer" and alpha tester.
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Simply by starting this thread is in it self doing the same thing as what Steve is being attacked for.

May I suggest just leaving this to Flex to deal with. Including this post.
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So you agree Steve was wrong to write that stuff?
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He was wrong to post a link to a very insulting blog containing personal attacks.

To me posting the link was the same as posting those insults in this forum.
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Steve K9ZW has a First Amendment Right to say whatever he wants on his own blog

The fact that he provided a link is beneficial as it contains lots of valuable information. About flex which may be useful to many users. The comments did not name names so if naysayers saw themselves that’s their guilt not his.

Personally I find the hysteria by the naysayers of this thread to be rather comical. Sort of like self inflicted wounds and then complaining about them.
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Yes, he has the 1st Amendment right to say whatever however he wants on his blog.

I see no hysteria in this thread, merely comments against the childish, 3rd grade name calling he chose to use to try and make some point. Pointing out where the software is lacking isn't hysteria either.

The fact that others seem to be in agreement to the manner in which he chose to articulate his thoughts doesn't surprise me. That's our society in general, attack the person when you can't make your argument otherwise.

Personally, I find the rabid defense of anything SSDR against anyone who points out a short coming of the software to be rather sad.

 Anyone who thinks parts of the software aren't in need of some improvement, and can't handle someone pointing it out, now that is comical.

I like my 6500, works just fine. However, the current new release SSDR, (no matter the wondrous things it allows the radio to do) based on reading the release notes/comments on this board, does nothing new I care about.

Other functions are still lacking, I do care about that. Hence the reason I, and probably others, have no desire to "upgrade" at this time.

Have a nice day.
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Some people will do anything to be offended or to complain.  If you didn't agree with Steve including his link to his blog, why did you click on it and read his post?
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Some people are not happy unless they are unhappy.  I will never understand why people get so offended over stupid stuff.
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I am hoping folks will start to relax and move on, by keeping posts on point, productive, point out the issues you have so they have the optics of the programming team, but not be disrespectful to flex and community members.  In fact this reflector would be exponentially more useful if folks take issues like this to personal blogs rather than flooding it with unhelpful malice and discontent.  Great to see a few of you in Visalia over the weekend.  glad to see a nice crowd around the flex booth..  glad to see so many positive and fun hams.
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Glad you had a good show Chris