is it possible for the Flex6xxx transceivers and/or SmartSDR to set the cooling fan to always be on for the digital modes?

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cooling fan software switch on/off for digital modes

Is it possible to start or stop the big chassis cooling fan from the SmartSDR software?
I have had my 6300 in for service three times for over-temp issues already running only 20W
in the JT65 and/or JT9 mode. First, they replaced bad fans, then twice could not replicate the problem. I am quite hard of hearing, so don't hear the fans unless I put my good ear right on the chassis. Now I am using an outboard muffin fan to blow cool air into the enclosure.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Seems like there must be another problem ... I use my 6300 on digital modes frequently running 20-30W and I like to rag chew on PSK, MFSK, Olivia, etc.  I rarely even hear the fan come on.  Perhaps you should run one of the utility programs that displays the internal temperature.  Maybe it's FRStack, don't recall for certain.  
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The fans are under automatic control and the behavior cannot be changed or modified by the operator.
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My two fans at the front of my 6500 come on instantly with 6500 power up. Do I assume correctly that you are speaking about the PA fan?
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A fan-on override is a great idea.  I will second this!  A trivial mod. It did occur to me to ask if your filters are clean, and then (along with my [long] list of F7000 series desiderata) hope that Flex will make the filters  m u c h   more easily accessible and swappable and/or washable.  

(I was brought up as a nino with military gear - and hope Flex will eventually go to a bus/cage packaging which will implicitly solve the above item's mechanical aspects).
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Keith, FRStack has a Meter Window under View ... if you want to run it and monitor temp I will do the same and we can compare.  You can email me via address in ... my current temp after 6300 has been on but not transmitting for about 30 minutes is 30.6C.  Dick KF5SA
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Check you SWR and ensure the tuner is enabled as needed. I run digi modes all the time 30w, when needed DX on 160m for example I will crank it much higher. The only time I have had my fans (6500) increase to a noticeable noise level is with a very high SWR (wrong antenna).

The 6300 may be a different kettle of fish, airflow fans size etc. Do you have the tuner option?
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 I have been using JT65/9 since the days of PDSR software and I have never ever run into the problem that you are having with the ventilation on the Flex radios.
I operate my Flex-6700 on the digital modes and average of 3 to 4 hours a day; and the radio is never turned off. So far I have not had any problems with the original fan with that much usage.      I keep the power to approximately 30 to 40 Watts: And yes, if the competition for a particular DX station that I need, I raise the power to the maximum limit that it puts out; 100 Watts!  And before you ask;the answer is: NO I DO NOT OWN and AMPLIFIER. And I am limited to a vertical on my current home with CC&R's.           You have other problems, perhaps the radio is crammed with other gear that is generating large amount of heat, or, your home has no ventilation to dissipate it.           Suggestion, buy a laptop cooling pad: They retail from 10 dollars and up; that should alleviate your situation.
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Standby temperature of my Flex6300 is most of the times about 10 degrees higher than room temperature. During digital transmissions with low power (5W to 8W) the temperature increases to 55 degr C or more, so i added two outboard fans in order to prevent over-temperature.
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My fans kick into high when it gets around 135F but never on the JT modes I only hit high temps at QRO RTTY 100 watts. I think what FRS would be worried about if we had control of the fans someone might forget to turn on the fans or leave at a too low of a setting and fry the PA. Yeah I know they could probably do overrides but I think they want to control the liability, right Tim?  
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That is right on target.
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I run mine hard on WSJT all the time, no issues. Maybe the height of summer with no A/C will cause it to fault but not right now. 
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How do y'all have your Flex's mounted? I have room all around mine. Just a thought.