Is it just me feeling like this?

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Is it just me?

Contrary to the joy of FRS releasing nice new products, I feel like we’ve been dumped on from a great height.

FRS have been promising great headline grabbing features from SSDR for over 3 years now. Whilst we have been spoon-fed minor tweaks, we are still missing out on lots of basic must-have stuff.  By basic I mean things that almost all radios over $1k had included from shipment of serial No 000001.

For examples:  a proper useable S-meter, programmable RX filter profiles, all mode squelch, ability to assign antenna selection by band, ability to assign TX RCA amp switching by band, a lacklustre Noise blanker, a terrible ANF, the ability to quickly and simply do A <> B, A = B, split etc from on-screen buttons without needing numerous mouse clicks. And that’s without my long list of GUI shortfalls that are still lacking elegance, configurability and ease of use.  All these things subtract user pleasure from what could be a first class system.

For me just a handful of essential basic features would have been enough to make me happy. It would have enabled the excellent RF deck of the F6k to be used without feeling that SSDR is somehow the limiting factor in an otherwise great product. Even now we have no certainty nor confirmation from FRS that important missing functions will even be included with SSDR v2.0, which of course we will now have to pay for too.

FRS tell us that they are a software company, yet in the past 3 years they have developed the Maestro, co-developed the XL amp, developed the whole USB interface functions, and now they have managed to somehow design and develop 3 new radios!   All this time SSDR has lacked fundamental usability features, and has some serious bugs, lock-ups and GUI limitations.

I didn’t want WAN remote or other fancy ideas like diversity and S02R, just a solid radio deck that works as well as, and gives the same operating pleasure as any other radios in the $5k+ class.

If my soon to arrive Icom-7610 had a poor ANF then I’d send it back under warranty, expecting it fixed without charge, not a chargeable upgrade”. But, I suppose if I had to, I’d pay $200 again, even if it was for functions that really should have been included and/or worked properly from the get-go...but it had better have them ALL working A1 this time around.

For the past few months, I’ve been poised ready to decide if I should dump Flex. This would have been subject only to functionality immediately accessible from V2.0, and without having to wait / buy-in to more V2.x/V3 mañana promises.

And now the final nail in to coffin, it looks like my financial investment in Flex has just taken a big hit thanks to the new models.  Yes I know those in the USA can do a trade-up but what about the rest of the world?   I have been a loyal Flex user since SDR-1000. Are we second best, and does FRS only want our cash without the same level of commitment it gives to the US market?

I feel like FRS have strung us along for way too long with SSDR not moving forward with alacrity. Yet covertly they’ve been developing new radios instead that use up that precious and expensive payroll in other areas.

It looks like my trust and commitment in the FRS sales pitch and F6k has now become old-hat before it’s even reached functional maturity.

I had expected better from a small US company but I ended up very disappointed. So, no thanks FRS I will not be buying another prototype from you - I am not going to be that naïve and trusting twice.

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Posted 3 years ago

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I wish Flex would charge more for software, so they could be funded at the level a company of this caliber deserves, and needs for sufficient software R&D funding. I for one would be totally happy to pay $500/year, on an ongoing basis, for software funding.

That's about $40/month, which is a fraction, I mean  a tiny fraction, of what I spend each month at Starbucks. I spend maybe $8/day at Starbucks, which is $240/month, which is 6 times what I am recommending here for software fees. And, I'm not counting what additional funds I spend on beer, going out to dinner, etc., plus all sorts of other entertainment activities. I'm not the only one who does this, that's for sure, and I don't think ppl who can afford to buy a radio in this price class are considered to be some kind of a poor person. I notice Starbucks is always extremely crowed, folks are opening their wallets, and the same thing is true whilst I wait in very long lines to pay my cover charge just to get into the joint, let alone buy the high priced booze and food. So, puhleeze don't tell me Flex Hams can't afford to pay a lousy $40/month to support software development efforts at Flex. Let's remember, Flex is not in existence to be a bunch of nice philanthropists.

Hams are so darn cheap, and then all they do is vociferously complain about what is virtually a toy (it is not a Part 90 commercial radio, ppl), so it's a wonder these Ham radio companies don't say the heck with it, and throw in the towel.

I urge Flex to consider some kind of a software pricing model that gives them a reasonable rate of return, which would be a lot more than what they are currently charging their Ham customers.


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I for one would be totally happy to pay $500/year, on an ongoing basis, for software funding. 

You say we complain about what is virtually a toy, But you expect all of us to spend $500 a year?
Are you high ;)
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Larry - agree the model should change IF it helps them deliver better, more often... I don't recall seeing anyone upset about paying for a 2.x or 3.x upgrade, hell I'd have my wallet out now ...  
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