Is FRS catching up on orders?

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Placed my order for 6600 on 27 Dec., paid my invoice and rig shipped today. Seems FRS is catching up quickly. :)
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Posted 2 months ago

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Depends on which model.  Some are more caught up than others.  But they seem to be in high gear for sure!

---Gary WB8ROL
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A good friend of mine just got the same exact news today about his 6600 Lewis.
One more Flexer in the county. WAY COOL!!!
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K1UO - Larry

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27Dec????   Guess they skipped over Aug 17 orders for the 6600.
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Guess they skipped over Aug 8 orders as well. And we are talking plain 6600's here, and not 6600M?
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Guess they skipped over June 2 orders as well. Paid 5 weeks ago 6600M. Sales wont even answer my e-mails anymore.
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I believe these are non-M models.


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Guess I should have ordered a low end model
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I was at Flex's offices today to pick up my 6600 (ordered 6/13/2017) and all the hallways and several rooms were piled high with boxes filled with radios being prepped for  shipment. Hope you get yours soon.
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Lucky you skipped me too :(  order my 6600 on 5/25. I just sent an email to see what my place in line is.
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5/22 ?  Billy how can that be?  They are shipping radios that were ordered several months later?

I think I would be CALLING them.  Something has to be wrong.  Did you send them Monopoly money or Walmart bucks :)

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I CLEARLY stated my order is for a NON-"M" model. I didn't order options so it's a plain Jane version, perhaps options add to time line, I suspect so.

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Ordered a 6600M on July 7. Have not heard anything yet. Michael said to hang in there, so I am!