Internal Keyer Latency -- Paddle press to Sidetone

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Internal Keyer Latency -- Paddle press to Sidetone

There is too much latency between the time a paddle is pressed and the sidetone is generated when using the internal keyer. This is a real and noticeable delay that does not exist when using an external keyer. It is much longer than the internal keyers on other rigs I have.

It should be easy to measure with a scope but if I had to guess it feels like up to about 50 ms at times.

It makes using the internal keyer feel odd and sluggish. I know of at least one other person that has quit using the internal keyer for that reason.

Please check the latency and let us know what you measure and what you consider acceptable.

Thanks, Al / NN4ZZ
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Posted 7 years ago

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"Sluggish" is a pretty good description of the internal keyer "feel" from my point of view at least. I hate to compare it to my IC-7700 (since I am now a Flexer with a 3000 and a 5000) but the 7700 internal keyer really feels "smooth" compared to the Flex-6700. The Flex-3000 and the Flex-5000 are better than the 6700 as well.

If I had a scope here, I would measure all four rigs to compare the latency, but unfortunately I do not have access to one.
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I agree completely with Al and Ed. I have to use an external keyer in SSDR's non-iambic mode to get adequate CW performance at 20-25 WPM on the 6500 (SSDRV0.15/Win7). My reference points are the IC7000, K3 and KX3 internal keyers, and the old AEA MM3 workhorse and MK-1 external keyers.

- Les, W9XC
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Official Response
I have logged this topic as a defect in the developer's bug tracker for further investigation.
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Keyer latency (key down to sidetone out) has been measured at 8ms. The version you have now has an issue in the sidetone, but it has already been fixed.
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Thanks for the information and update on the fix. Key press to side tone of 8MS should be very good. I should also add that the latency I heard was sporadic. Will look forward to the next release.

I've been looking for an excuse to get a another scope but it looks like you will have it fixed before I can (hihi). The latest QST did a review on the Rigol and the price is really good so will probably get it at some point.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ