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When the RF input gain is changed using the 'ANT' tab and invoking pre amp or attentuation, this setting seems to be applied to 'all' receiver slices in use.

Since the RF gain setting requirement is very different for 160m as opposed to say 10m, would it be possible in future software changes to allow and save the gain setting as unique for each individual slice that is in use?
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Posted 5 years ago

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That will be an interesting operation in logic.... For example... on my 6500 with only one SCU...If I have 6 meters in one pan/slice with RF preamp all the way up, and 10 Meters with it at 2/3 in a 2nd pan, and 160 in another pan with it a minimum, then how does the rig know which "preamp" or "RF Gain" setting to use.  Especially when I have all three listening at the same time.

Should the RF Gain setting automatically switch based upon which one is "active" to tune.  Or based upon which one has TX set as active?  It is physically impossible to have the RF Gain set independently on all three slices at the same time, because they are all using the same SCU (or receiver head, for lack of a better layman's term). So the logic will need to choose a setting based upon some user criteria.  Currently, it seems to be based upon which slice was opened last, and what setting it had the last time.  Or it is based upon whatever the last RF Gain operation changed it to.  If you change it on one slice, it is changed on all the slices on that same SCU.

My personal preference is that it should change based upon the frequency band we are currently tuning.  These preferences should be stored, not by "Band Button" or slice, but the "default" RF Gain setting should be stored in a definable frequency range database that I can tell it "always default to full preamp on 6 meters... always use 10 dB preamp on 10 Meters... Always use flat gain on 40 meters....etc.  Currently I have noticed that if I have been on 6 meters and have full preamp set, then use a band button to go to 40 meters, it remembers the previous RF gain setting for 40 Meters.  If I use the band button to go back to 6 meters, it remembers the preamp setting for 6 meters..... BUT...If I directly enter a new frequency using the window in the slice flag, then it keeps the same preamp setting the it was using... I.e. if I am on 6 meters with Max Preamp and move to 40 using direct frequency entry, then the preamp stays at Maximum.

I would like to hear some more input from FLEX on this.  What are some options to make this work better?