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Well, this is a new problem, I've never experienced before, since profiles were created.

I had the unfortunate need to replace my old PC with a new one. So, in preparation I exported my Flex 6600 configuration settings (Profile) to my NAS drive. The same drive I've been using for years to do similar exports/imports when changing Flex radios. 

After loading ALL my related Flex and SSDR programs I imported my newly saved profile file and ALL seemed to be OK. I've been using the 6600 on V3.0.27.131 with various transverters with no problems for a few weeks now.

However, the other night I went to switch to the 2M band and the transverter was NO LONGER listed in the transverter table. WOW! That;s unusual I thought. My other 6 transverters were still there?? 

I don't know where it went and had no idea how to recover it other than to either manually reenter to the table or to reload the saved profile again. I elected to Reload the SAVED profile from a few weeks ago. This is the same profile I imported after rebuilding my PC that had ALL the transverters working for the past few weeks! 

However, after the import this time, the 2M transverter was NOT there! How is that possible?

So, I tried another import from a V3.0.27 profile made a month earlier. This time "ALL" the other transverters were missing "EXCEPT" the 2M transverter was now there. AGAIN, how is this possible?

So, I reimported the Profile that had the missing 2M transverter and entered the 2M transverter details manually.. That seems to have brought things back to normal. I exported this new configuration and then, just to test it, I reloaded again. ALL worked OK.

But I still don't know what caused this fiasco to begin with. How can a saved profile get changed or have some of it's details ignored upon importing?

I am aware of this new "Auto Save" feature enabled in V3.x, on the individual profiles but I don't know if this has any connection with the Import/Export routine??

I know this was a long explanation of a problem I experienced. I just wanted to put it out there and see if anyone else has experienced this.
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