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Yesterday my PC died, so to speak, so I went back to my iMac with Parallel and Window 7.1 to use my radio.  Worked fine.  I decided that I very much preferred the Apple platform, even if I had to use Parallel and Window.  Specifically I like MacLogger, so I decided to upgrade my Parallel (to latest) and Window 10.  All installed, however it doesn't recoginze my Flexradio now??  It's been a while since I used the iMac for this and seem to remember there is some port I need to open or set up???  Yes, I'm not a computer literate person.  My guess is this is a simple fix but I can't seem to find the correct step to take.  Hope this makes sense to somebody.  Suggestions? (other than asking my 30 year old son to fix it).  Thanks.  73, Bill AH6FC
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Posted 3 years ago

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Two options - go with a native Mac client (DogPark SDR) or, if you want to use SSDR for Windows, ensure your Parallels VM has access to your LAN - set the network adapter (in Parallels) to "bridged." Both will work quite well. Good luck!
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Thanks, that worked.
73, Bill
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I'd move back to Windows 7 if you can, or bootcamp it. Windows 10 is an exceptionally interesting Operating System. 
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As far as I am concerned Windows 10 is the best and fastest Windows that I have used. All of my FRS stuff works great with it.
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From a operational standpoint with SmartSDR, I have had zero issues running Windows 7 or 10 via Parallels on my P7 iMac or my P7 MacBook Pro.

Sounds like you did an in-place upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10. That has caused problems in the past for those running a pure windows PC and not just for those of us running Windows in a VM. Do a complete un-install and re-install of SmartSDR. Make sure you allow the installer to remove all drivers. Check to make sure you don't have any Virtual Comm Port or DAX Sound cards devices showing in the Device Manager after the uninstall. Allow the reboot between the uninstall and the re-install.
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Thank you.  All helpful comments.  I do have it back working, but seems a little sluggish (non technical term, hi hi)...some lag in responsiveness when tuning and a little slur in audio.  These were never problems in the past.  Yes, I did an in-place upgrade to 10, which could be some of the issue.
Thanks again. 
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MacOS is painful with Flex. My main computer at work is an iMac and I can't run SmartSDR on it as I don't run windows on it. DogparkSDR will work but limits you to two slices and the UI isn't laid out in the familiar fashion as SmartSDR for windows.