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If anybody has the Icom 7300, I would be grateful if they could email me the full manual from the CD as only the basic one is available on the Icom site. Of course a link would be fine too.

My email on qth.com is okay. Thanks in advance.

73 de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT
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Posted 3 years ago

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Go here to download Icom manuals:




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I guess I'm confused-I thought this was the Flexradio community...
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Ok, I will bite. What could possibly be wrong with owning a backup rig?
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Steven, sent email to stop people getting too hot under the collar about non-Flex business.
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Howard there is nothing wrong with having a "backup" rig other than is ham radio so important in your life that if your rig fails you can't wait a few weeks for its repair? Backup is for things like tires, phone, generator, flashlight, computer, extra harddrive, things that cause a real problem if not available. The horror of no ham rig means seeing your wife, children, getting exercise. Do you know why some kids at school call me daddy? Because their real daddy is on his ham radio, or golfing, or at a  bar, or fishing too much.
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I agree with you Burt. This notion that one must always have a working transceiver in ones life is puzzling, because listening on the bands I rarely hear anything that would qualify as anything more than 'I hear you, you are 599, you are in the log, see you later, QRZ'.

Paris, France
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Obviously nether of you do not have Dx friends that you talk to regularly. I regularly converse with DX Friends. I also have acted as the NA pilot for a couple of Dxpeditions. Need backup.

Backup... I live in Fire and Earthquake country. Backup is essential for my family 's safety. I am now 100% solar but even then I have a backup generator Have I had to use my backup systems. Yes 2004 and 2007 San Diego Fires.

I also do lots of experimentation and comparative testing without a backup rig my scientific investigations would suffer.

Family. Just spent a month in France with a couple of our grown kids and grandkids. I think they are tired of having me around all day. Most nites were spent Remoting -- again backup systems needed because things fail.
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It is, and the Community is still just as confused as it's ever been.
Why fix it this late in the game?

73, Jay - NO5J
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I just finished a long skype call with a friend who is close to the 7300 development team. He says they have left plenty of firmware space to incorporate a very high end data terminal solution with matching PC control app, to be released in Q1 next year. So it might be worth a wait and see.

I'd assume that as some data modes demand pretty high processing resources then the CPU must be capable of more too. They are in "detailed talks" with a software developer now for the PC-side UI and control app. Sure would like to have a long look at their schematics.
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Steven, that sounds like the current 7300 could be upgraded with that extra functionality so no need to wait?
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Steve, that is absolutely incredible. If the used market is in the $1200-$1300 range it may well be that the 'hit' by upgrading to the next hardware generation would be completely acceptable for those wanting to jump now. Just as the Flex 6000 is redefined in each and every point release, so too might the 7300. TWT, but at $1200...

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