I just won a Flex 6300 at the Visalia Internations DX Convention.

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As luck and irony would have it I just won a Flex 6300 at the Visalia International DX Convention

First congrats was from Steve Hicks. "Ha Ha. You won a 6300". Of course, he was being ironic.

Next there was a line of people in front of me asking to buy it.

Might just keep it as I can use it for alpha testing and leave the 6700 on release software versions.

We loaded into the back of the Centurion and we are now flying home.

We will see what tomorrow brings.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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Posted 3 years ago

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Steven Hess

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You can't have too many radios. 
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Jim Gilliam

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One cannot have enough radios. I have every radio I ever owned since my first Heathkit AT-1 when I was 13 years old. All of them are like part of the family and I refuse to let them go. Congratulations!

Jim, K6QE

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Mike - WB8CXO

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Jim, thats' so cool.  Wish I saved all my radios!  Do you have pics of all them?  All in the shack?
Mike, WB8CXO
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Jim Gilliam

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No, I don't. I have them all "RIP" in boxes. However, you just struck a nerve. I think I'll gradually unbox them and set up a shelf! Excellent idea. I do, however, have my first Viking Ranger I bought when I was in the Navy in 1959. I have it on my desk and never tire of looking at it. Since then, I have modified it with Solid state rectifiers and modulator enhancements. It works like a charm and I use it all the time on CW and the AMI net in So. Cal.



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George Molnar, KF2T, Elmer

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Maybe you can take it mobile? That would be my crazy plan if I had a free 6300...
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Adam Farson

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If I tried that in BC, Buster would have to work the radio whilst I drove the car - otherwise I would be prosecuted for distracted driving.

73, Adam VA7OJ/AB4OJ
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Howard, where do I find your writeup on remoting?
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Bob - W8FB

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Cheer up Howard, your luck is bound to get better.
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EA4GLI - 8P9EH - Salvador

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LOL. Well, now that you have the 6300.... do you want to sell me your 6700? :)
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IW7DMH, Enzo

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What about donating it to the USA association with highest number of "under 25" members.
Future is in younger hands and like them the little 6300 has the same great potential.
It is just my utopistic idea, but anyway enjoy with it!

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Walt - KZ1F

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I was going to suggest something similar. If you don't already have one, start a club station, get it licensed as a club station and solicit members. Or, set up a remote in Paris. I am not sure how you'd handle liability at a club site. I am guessing a lot of club trustees have figured it out though.
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Mike - WB8CXO

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Congrats Howard...  Yes...  It is true...  You can't have enough radios!

Centurion!  NICE...  My favorite Cessna but I'm happy with my 170B...  more my speed:)

Looking forward to 6300 stories!

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James Whiteway

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Nice win!! Now you have a backup!!
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Richard McClelland, AA5S

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...on the other hand, not many contribute more to this list than Howard.  It is fortunate for us that he won the 6300 because now we'll be able see his postings on 6300 vs 6700, which frequently is a topic of interest on this board.
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Rick Hadley - W0FG

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Howard, you remind me of an old lady who used to be a customer of mine at the bank.  If she fell into a mud puddle she'd come out with $100 bills sticking to her!  Congratulations!  Looking forward to reading your comparisons of the two rigs.
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Congratulations for winning such a nice prize & Thanks to Flex for offering it!!! I'd be happy to win a gift card for a future 2.0 release.
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One if the. Best things of Visalia DX Convention is the raffle. There are about 900 attendees. They sell about $50.000 tickets @$1 but value of prizes exceeded $70,000. Much better prizes and chances of winning than Dayton.
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Mark Griffin

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And they probably don't get the volume of people at Visalia as they do in Dayton.
Photo of KY6LA - Howard

KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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It's about 900 attendees with MONEY vs 20,000 at Dayton with about the same total Money to spend.
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Dan -- KC4GO

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just what the guy with all the toys needs MORE TOYS. May have to pass on the Tesla :) 

Photo of KY6LA - Howard

KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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The Tesla is due on Oct 5th
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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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You lucky dog!
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Or "you jammy git" as we say in the North of England.
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Ken - NM9P, Elmer

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Congrats, Howard. The only thing I ever won at a hamfest was a box of 5.25 inch disks at Dayton 25 years ago.
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Burt Fisher

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I won a 24 hour analog clock 30 years ago. I did win an expensive Weather Channel jacket 4 years ago for beating 200 meteorologists in a forecasting contest at a weather conference in New England.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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Been going to Dayton since 1961. Never win anything there. Usually win something at Visalia albeit the 6300 is the best yet.
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Scott - WM7C

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Want to sell it?  :)  Congrats!
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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I hadn't thought about selling it but I will always consider an offer I cannot refuse...

email me mycallsign@mycallsign.com
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Scott - WM7C

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Email sent.
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David Warnberg

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Hold the phone, Howard wasn't that ticket the one you bought with the 5.00 I sent with you?


Congrats, I never win anything.
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KY6LA - Howard, Elmer

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David. The ticket was $1. I owe u $4

Btw. That was 2 years ago
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David Warnberg

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yeah I noticed that after the post.. too funny