I just tempted myself...

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With one of our systems at work we are thinking of shipping a Dell 38" curved monitor, ultra high resolution.

Well I decided for our Christmas week off to bring one home and see what I thought of it.  If we elect go to with this monitor each developer, including myself will likely get one.

So I hooked this up in my op position and... well... perhaps I should not have because I'm seriously temped to go out and spend $1000 on this thing.  It is amazing!

In the image below I have three pans, two loggers and my station monitor and it just looks fantastic.

Sigh... how am I gonna tell the XYL...

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Posted 1 year ago

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Yeah, but then you need the video card to drive it, too :-( Nothing lots of money can't solve, of course.
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What? You ask your XYL for permission? My strategy has always been to buy first, and then modify the receipt ... usually deleting a zero on the end. But after 36 years she knows better. When she helps me move my new computerized telescope out to the backyard, I always say 'be careful now, this thing cost $500'. I am quite sure '$5000' pops into her mind!

That monitor would be a welcomed addition to the shack. $100 well spent (hehe)! A nice addition to my recent $400 6600 that just arrived!
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Unless you have a special video card in your computer, you are probably looking at a conventional 1920x1080 screen, just physically larger than a cheaper monitor. Small font text can be pixellated.

I use ordinary(?) 39 inch 4k TVs as monitors. You can buy them for $200-300 these days, IIRC. I got a couple of UHD video cards to drive them, but the cards were only $70 each. With this, I get the same screen pixels and physical size as 4 conventional 19 inch 1920x1080 monitors. An advantage of using TVs is that you get built-in speakers also, and they work through the HDMI hookup.

I recently bought a 28 inch 4k monitor for only $200. None of mine is curved, though.

Jerry W4UK
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wow, very nice. but firmly in my dreams onlty. good luck with the xyl !
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My computer is driving it at 3840x1600 which seems to be  a nice fit.
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Looks fantastic - deeply jealous!
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They sure look nice but the drop in resolution width wise compared to two monitors is a problem for me. Not to mention you lose the ability to full screen something on one monitor.  Very sexy though :)
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Nice, I have been running two Dell 34" curved @ 3440 X 1440 for about 6 months and love them.