I heard on air this morning that the PowerGenius XL is in trouble?

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something wrong with the bios?
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Bill -VA3WTB

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Posted 2 years ago

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You heard wrong I think
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I received an FRS Insight update from Gerald the other day saying PG-XL testing is on-going and Alpha testers are getting their amps upgraded with the most recently software changes in order to continue their testing.
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Stop in and check the PGXL I have in my stack.  It sure isn't "in trouble."

What you heard were words from a Schadenfreunde, and NOT the words from at least this user here.

I'm am in a quandary on the PGXL though - do I sell my Alpha-9500s and buy a third PGXL as a spare, or keep the Alphas in storage as backups?  (I believe in having redundant gear on the shelf at each of my shacks.) 

And yes, as of 17th of February 2018 the PGXL is still in Alpha-testing.

BTW Gerald just did his "FlexRadio - Power Genius XL Update - February 16, 2018" update, which lays out the progress so far, some development details, and the forward plans. 

Of course since FRS Alpha-testing process timeline is dependent on the actual testing, you won't see some marketing department's claim for general release. 

It is kind of hard to not ask "are we there yet" along the way, but we do get briefs along the way, and the real excitement starts when the invoices & ship notices come out.

That is the real "signal" to listen for.


Steve K9ZW

(current main/home QTH is a Flex-6600M and a PowerGenius XL, remote is also Flex (6700) but stut down for winter)


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Bill -VA3WTB

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I saw as well, I hope to hear from someone who really knows if their is anything to this that I heard.
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Bill did you happen to ask where this person was getting their information?  It could just be that the person putting this information out, can't afford one.

Steve - Many people would be happy to have that quandary! :^))
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I’ve been running a friend’s 6700/PGXL station remotely for about a month with nary a hiccup. That report has no basis in fact.
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There isn't a BIOS in the radio (I should have typed "amp", but the radio is BIOS free too) ;-)

It isn't in trouble. Never has been.  It is going through the same processes that any new product goes through before being released.  Ironing out the issues and improving the software.
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More likely they mistakenly called Firmware as Bios and in their ignorance did not understand that PGXL is regularly and easily updated over the Air the same way that all Flex rigs and Tesla's are.

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Dave, I met a guy who I won't name at Orlando Hamcation who was intentionally spreading rumors about PGXL.  He had his facts completely wrong.
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Yes. Seems some people cannot accept that they chose a hardware platform that is not the best.

The PG XL impresses me every time I use it. From handling legal limit without breaking a sweat to the ease of use whether local or remote. Having it integrated into the Flex eco system is where it really shines.

A shame people have to step to such tactics as spreading rumors.

Chris demonstrated how tough the amp is by his top finish in the RTTY contest running SO2R. That is a very serious amount of duty cycle!

Dave wo2x
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Dave i think I have an understanding of what is going on,
Gerald, I am very sorry for even posting what I heard from a bad source.
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Dave, did you mean Elecraft KPA500?


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