I did it! 12 Meter lotw QSL #100!

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This gives me all 8 bands DXCC from 80 - 10 (except 60 Meters. Plus endorsements for phone, CQ, digital and DX Challenge.

All low power.
All lotw.

Most of it with the Flex-6500!

What a great rig! Easiest rig to DX, especially splits and digital.

Ken - NM9P

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Ken - NM9P

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Posted 2 years ago

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Bob Craig, K8RC

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Congrats, Ken!  Impressive.


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Tim - W4TME, Customer Experience Manager

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Clay N9IO

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Congrats Ken! 12m is tough these days too.
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Ken - NM9P

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You got THAT right!
I thought that 80 & 30 would be the toughest ones!

But 12 Meters died just as I got the log periodic on the tower!
And since my LP is improperly tuned on 12, it was even harder.....
...I made the shorting strap too long and put the boom resonance right on top of 12 meters.  All I need is a bucket truck for 5 minutes so I can loosen two bolts and changed the strap length.  But it will cost me about $100-$150 just to do that....

I'm going to wait until someone else in the club rents one for a tower project and then offer them some to swing by my house for a few.

Ken - NM9P 
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That is really cool!!
Well done
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Larry: KE2YC

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Great Job Ken. Tnx for all you do on the community

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Mark WS7M

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Nice work Ken!  Dedication!  I wish I was close to anything in the WA...  stuff...

I am close in the WAN contest.... "Worked All Neighbors".  Seems a few people have some RFI I might need to look into.  LOL
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Ken - NM9P

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LOL! I feel your pain. I am having a large increase of power line hash, washing machine noise, plant-grow lighting, RV charge converter noise, plasma TV’s and other noise sources all around me. The noise is sporadic, not constant.

Sometimes it raises my 20 Meter noise floor by 15-20 dB!

Some of it can be reduced 10-15 dB by WNB. Some of it is impervious to any of my noise mitigation techniques.

Ken - NM9P