I am looking for an easy antenna Switch to connect with my Flex 6500 for remote control any suggestions

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I have a Flex 6500 still in the box never been used. I am looking for an antenna Switch which is a plug and play that doesn't require adding all kinds of circuits to make it it work remotely WAN. Does anyone have any Suggestions. I have been looking at the Antenna Genius switch would that be an easy transition
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Posted 2 years ago

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I have the 8x2 with my 6600, just plug into the network that your 6500 is connected to, configure the switch with the antenna genius windows app and your good to go.  Very easy.

Rich - N5ZC

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Are all antenna switches considered “inside the shack”? Is there an option for a weatherproof switch that I can put outside and feed only a single coax line from inside the shack to the outside switch where it then branches off to all the other antennas (powered by the RF in the cable)?
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If you are not looking for automatic or remote operation switching the Ameritron RCS-4 or RCS8 will work. The box sits outside on the tower, is fed voltage down the coax and the manual switch is in the shack. Again no remote operation so you can't change antennas while operating remote.
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One option with the RCS4 that I am using....

If you put one antenna on position 4, it is the “power off” position. If the switch is on any of the others, 1, 2, or 3, then when the power is removed from the RCS4 Control head, the relays will release and automatically select antenna #4.

Now....plug the RCS4 power transformer into an internet controlled AC switch like a WiMo or NEO, and you can turn the RCS4 power on and off with your Phone.

Now you have a remote control two-way antenna switch.

At my place, I usually have the T-11 Log Periodic on position 3 and my OCF Low Band Dipole on position 4 and can switch between the two when I am out on remote.

It isn’t elegant, but it works, and it was cheap, since I already had the RCS4, and the NEO was $22.

Ken - NM9P
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Thanks Ken, I didn't know that it went to ant 4 when power was removed.
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If you want to mount an Antenna Genius outside, you'll need to install it in a wx proof box of some sort.

Rich - N5ZC
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Green Heron has a Weather protected remote switch that has remote capability with there GHE_Base controller.

Ant Switchs  

Check them out at https://www.greenheronengineering.com/index.php

looks pretty sweet


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I am using the Remote Rig AS-1289 Antenna Switch on my remote site. A bit pricey but works well. 


73 de LB2EG Richard
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I needed a antenna switch as well and wanted it internet remote controllable. 

I was looking for a setup that was relatively low cost.  So I bought a Ameritron RCS-8V Antenna switch.  I soldered in some glass discharge tubes for lightning control. 

Then I purchased a KMtronic Web/Lan  relay controller.  I disconnected the controller supplied with the RCS-8V and put the KMtronic in place of it .  So I have local control  as well as remote control.  

I also have a "WEMO" that powers both of these units as well as the Flex6500. 

I also needed to control my rotor as well so I use PSTRotator software to control my HamIV rotor via my DCU-1 serial port. 

This setup gives me full remote control of my station and it has been reliable and less expensive than other options.



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I have been using the Greenheron antenna switch for a few years. It is seamless and easy to setup. Customer service is amazing and a pleasure to deal with. I currently am able to control everything in the shack and also remotely with teamviewer. It jus works and a great company to deal with