I am looking for a block diagram of FLEX - 6500.

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When applying for an extension license of FLEX - 6500 in Japan, a block diagram with device name written for each block is required.
Is this block diagram on the Internet?
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Posted 2 years ago

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Part of the new trade wars?
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Actually this is a very good example of hidden trade barriers that prevent US Made Goods free entry into foreign markets which allegedly have Free Trade with the USA..

So companies such as ICOM can ship their products into the USA without such barriers but Flex has to pass such hidden barriers to be sold in Japan.   The EU also has similar hidden barriers - such as complex EU Certification and 20% VAT whereas the USA has very simple self certification process for type acceptance.

The New Trade Wars are an attempt to level the playing field so USA goods and services can be sold in foreign countries with the same rules as their local goods.
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I don ́t think this is a case of hidden trade barriers. Having a block diagram of what you purchase shall be mandatory for a 5000$+ radio. The secrets of the design will not be discovered by such a block diagram.
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In a previous life, my companies have sold products in the EU and I am quite familiar with hidden trade barriers  especially in the EU...

Many high end electronic devices do not provide such block diagrams for good competitive reasons.

However, Flex has actually published several simplified block diagrams such as provided in the link above.

I would suggest that perhaps you might not be aware about the vagaries of international trade where demands by local authorities for detailed documentation ends up with that documentation in the hands of local competitors to the USA Company.  Personally had a number of product designs stolen that way.
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I don ́t doubt what you say about hidden trade barriers, I deal with it everyday in my job too. I think every part of the world has some kind of trade barriers and the US is also in the pack. I would suggest that perhaps you might not be aware of the US trade barriers because you didn ́t need to deal with them...

Anyway, in my previous message I just said that requesting a block diagram of a radio is not a hidden trade barrier, just my humble opinion. If someone wants to copy or steal an electronic board design, they just need to buy, open and check the design with their eyes. Electronics hardware is very easy to copy, what is not so easy is the software. That ́s why Flex and others keep their source code secret.

Best regards,

Jon, EA2OT
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The 6500 and 6700 use the Analog Devices  AD9467 ADC.  There is more information in the Hardware Reference Manual (such as specs and a couple more diagrams).  Also, Flex might be able to give you additional parts ID’s if you ask them for specifics.  All this could be added to the diagram, or used to supplant the diagram, with the help of Power Point, etc.  Between info that was provided here, the Hardware manual, and additional info that Flex might provide, you might well be able to construct your own diagram to satisfy your authorities.


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Hi Harou,

The information you need is on this "preliminary" document.


This assumes the 6500 was built with these devices.  A block diagram is provided as are the key part numbers.  The final PA transistors are "100W push-pull pair of RD100HHF1 MOSFET transistors" quoted from the N5PA website

who also had the link to the "preliminary" datasheet.  A great website!!!

The RF preamp part number is also provided.
A part number for the  Log Power Detector as part of the PA is shown. This seems the foundation of APD ! 

Any other help we can provide please ask...  
The 6500 is a very nice radio, I can not imagine a better one, expect a dual SCU (two independent units).

Good DX

Tim // k3Tim / 7

add RF diagram: