I already have a Maestro

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I already have a Maestro, just look at it sitting there all shiny.
73 de Guy G4DWV/4X1LT
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Posted 3 years ago

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Paul Bradbeer

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I just knew what that photo would be (and so do all the other Brits) ... ;-)  
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Guy, lets just hope that the one from Flex is just a tad more reliable than the output of BM / Morris.
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@ Paul, lets see if our friends on the other side of the pond make of it, hi hi. No doubt somebody will have a fit as it is 'off topic', but I just could not resist (I really tried too), LOLZ.

@ Steven. Even thought BM/Morris/BL produced rubbish*, I would love to own one or even, gulp, an Allegro or Morris Marina. Even Fords of the same era have a special place in my heart.
*I did see a recent documentary on how the UK car manufacturing industry 'worked' at that time and it is amazing the mistakes made at all levels.
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Steve K9ZW, Elmer

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Gearhead here and have had a fair number of British Leyland rides in a fairly messy mix.  Often have more than one project car at a time.  None below were/are daily drivers, as I've had a company car for so many years.

Had a Maxi, a Mini Clubman and Mini-Metro Vanden Plas Princess (XYl's) among others like a R-16, a Minor Traveler, a Series Ia LR P/U, a Scorpio 2.9 Ghia, the Sierra 2.0 Estate, a couple CXs, and XM and a 160 kph/100 mph 2CV Special with a Mai Race engine.  XYL also had a vintage Vanden Plas Princess 1300 which she thought was cute.

Still have from this era a XT4Ti (with some 'extra fire" breathed into it), a BX17GT, a 264 (less than 33,000 miles on clock), a 142S and a 504D.  XYL is currently on that little C30T, a model that the Chinese dropped when they bought Volvo. 

Wish I still had the 3500SD1 Twin-Plenum I drove on occasion working in Manchester - even though the build quality was suspect I really did like how it goes.

The Land-Crab was nice except wallowed in the twisties.

Oh - forget the Panhards - several PL-17/17BT's including a Tigre Cabrio.  Whittled those down to just one PL-17 Tigre sedan. 

Have only had a radios in a few, mostly as when on the road I "drive" hard.

BTW the XR4Ti, 264, 142S, 504D and BX were father-son projects that became father-checkbook projects and a couple of my own projects, and are all on the block. 


Steve K9ZW

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Mark - WS7M

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Wait!? They come in red!?  I'm calling FRS when they open!!!  :-)