Hurry up and get 2.0 out! Hey why does 2. 0 have so many bugs?

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Why are you all in such a hurry for 2.0? Why do you keep pushing the developers to hurry up?

Clearly, you know nothing about software development.  With software, the faster the development the more bugs and required fixes.

I've been writing software for 35 years and it never ceases to amaze me how little appreciation most people have in the complexity of the design and development phases. All they care about is getting their hands on it.

To FRS I say: Go ahead and give them what they want even before the testing is complete. Then when they're all crying about bugs and their radios lock up make them wait a year or two for the fixes.

The Flex radio is the best radio I've ever owned. It's a real work of art but it didn't get that way overnight.

Now stop nagging the developers and let them produce a product you'll be happy with. If it takes until July, August, September or next year then so what? I'm enjoying my radio right now and so should you.

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Posted 2 years ago

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Debugging is the art of removing bugs from software,,,, programming is the art of putting them in. Thanks FRS for a great and soon to be greater product!
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why even worry about it either way? FRS's developers are not sitting by their computers reading the forums. They are busy working on the software. Admonishing users here for posting "is it ready yet?" posts does not do anything but continue the rants.  Best advice, is do not respond to posts like that if they bother you. It  certainly won't keep people from complaining about the software not being out yet nor people complaining about the complainers!
NOTHING we post here is going to stop development or rev it up.
After 35 years as a developer, you should know this already.

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