How to change the FlexControl com port number to eliminate conflicts with CAT

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Step by Step installation for the tuning knob

KNB-FlexControl USB Controlled Tuning Knob
Creating ports to prevent conflicts when using T-knob and Smart CAT

1. Open Smart CAT and delete any/all ports your have created.
2. Quit Smart CAT
3. Turn off the radio (Flex-6x000)
4. Reboot your PC with the FlexControl unplugged.
5. After the OS has rebooted make sure that SMART CAT is NOT running
6. Plug the FlexControl into the USB port◊ you want to use.
7. After the OS has gone through the device discovery (USB "bong" plus installing driver.)
8. Pull up the device manager♦ *see notes
9. Find the FlexControl under the Com Ports.
10. Right click and open the properties menu.
11. Click on the "Advanced" option that let you set the Com Port♣ you want to use.
12. Click on Apply and enough OK's to get back to device manager.
13. Start Smart CAT and assign the ports you want for the different programs.
14. Turn the computer off.
15. Turn computer on.
16. Turn on the radio and the other devices you use.
17. Check CAT and go to Port Map, click Refresh; all your devices port will appear labeled.


• ◊You should now be okay and the FlexControl should remain in a fixed location when you reboot the computer; as long as it's plugged into the same COM Port.
• ♦Go to Windows==>Control Panel==>System==>Device manager =>Ports => FlexControl =>Properties =>Advanced; change the Com port to 30 or higher.
• ♣There can be some com port conflicts with ghosted virtual port; one easy way to get around it is to assign a very high com port, i.e. 30 or higher just to stay away from the conflicts.
• USB ports are supposed to be downward compatible so a USB 3.0 will recognize and work with a device using USB 1.2 (FlexControl) or 2.0, etc.
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