How do I install the FLEX-6000 Rack Mount Kit?

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Use this link to download the FLEX-6000 Rack Mount Kit Installation Guide
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Posted 7 years ago

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Is there any way to rack mount my FLEX-6700?.

I would like to rack mount my FLEX-6700. Is there a kit to do that?
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This radio is perfect to rack mount, nice and neat, out of the way
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Hi Are there any plans to have a Rack Mount Kit for the 6300, I just ordered one and would like to Rack Mount it..

Tnx, Frank.. N5WJ

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i put my kit on my 6500 today and mounted it in my rack works great looks awesome plenty of room on both sides easy three-4 inches on each side
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i tried to put up a pic but it wouldn't work

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Steve - to post a picture,you have to click on the camera icon in the editor, upload the pic or use a URL for the source and then click the OK button to embed it in your post.
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Nice rack mount.  
I'm going to upgrade the 6300 to 6500 and will be rack mounting in a Gator box with power distribution and transverters only. Planning on keeping 1u spacers above/below Flex.
What size boxes are folks using or would recommend?
Are you'all centralizing rf ground for equipment in the box?
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I'm not familiar with the Gator box, but I rack mounted my 6500 with 1u spacing above and below.  It doesn't get even slightly warm under heavy use.  Being rack mounted, everything in the rack is by definition solidly grounded through the rack.  "Just like uptown!"  Not a hint of a problem.  I couldn't be happier.
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@Mike - 1U spacers are not necessary as there are no top/bottom air vents and are sufficient air flow space on the sides providing the Gator box rear cover is open.  However, a slot for wires can be useful.

Another post commented on transportation stress - the rack ears and their mounting is sturdy but Flex (Tim?) can you comment on chassis stress for rack mounting?

Grounding:  I use a tinned 1" copper braid as a ground bus within the rack and connect that to the station ground.  The braid is nice because a SS bolt, flat SS washers and wire can be pushed through creating convenient connection points.

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I mounted my 6700 in a Gator (6U height) GR-6S portable rack case.  The Gator GR-“S” series are shallow cases, and I believe are available from 2U to 6U heights.   The shallow cases are just the right depth for the Flex, and are less bulky than the full depth GR-“L” series.   I can set the shallow case on a shelf on my desk – the full depth case would not fit.  I chose the 6U height (GR-6S) because I wanted to install 2 shelves for accessories (switching PS,  external autotuner,  SWR/wattmeter, antenna interface, and 12v power distr. strip, see pic below).   Mounting the Flex and accessories in a portable case makes moving the whole station a breeze – I just disconnect the antenna and laptop, unplug the power supply, snap on the case front and rear covers, and move to the new location. 

If you don’t intend to put any shelves in the case, a GR-2S or GR-3S case should be fine, with the GR-3S providing additional space.   One suggestion, if you do want to install shelves, get the Gator GE-SHLF10-1U shelf – it’s more expensive but heavy duty and has curled front and rear lips that prevent the shelves from sagging.  When I was searching for a case found many pics of cheapo shelves that sagged in the middle.  Also, be sure the case has front AND rear rails.  Both the case and shelves are available on Ebay at discounts.  Here’s my setup:

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Are the shelves not upside down? all my cantilever shelves go the other way. 
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@Tim -- your link to the installation guide at the top of this thread is out of date. Are you able to edit it to this one?
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The link has been fixed.