How about Digital SWR meters. And more visible colors

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Thanks for digital dBm readings
Now please fix Colors on the SWR and S meters so that they are more readable

More important, how about Digital rather than Analog SWR meters.

Personally I like Numbers
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Posted 6 years ago

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A numerical SWR maybe a good way to save space for other features that may need to be added in the transit panel. Number could turn red for greater than 2.5 and go to a red >xx when it exceeds ??).
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I would suggest a separate, movable window for Power/Swr Cross Needle meter. It could also have a digital readout for forward power and SWR on the bottom line of the meter window. Then we could "park" the meter anywhere we wanted, like I do with the EQ window on PowerSDR.

It seems to me that there are many menu items that could be separated into widgets and windows that would not need to be permanently attached to the main SSDR screen. Flexibility is the key word. But I know that this flexibility takes lots of programming effort. (I am thinking in the long-term, here....And thanks to the team for all their work!)
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Nothing fancy...

How about digital metering like on my Flex 5000 under PowerSDR
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I liked that too :-)
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I agree the digital meter goes more with what the Flex radio is. With the new 6000 the old style should be a option not the stanard.
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I could not agree with you more....

Before 1962, when digital computers were slow we used analog computers to solve problems.. but with the advent of semiconductors, digital solutions were much faster, cheaper and more accurate.

I really loved the very useful 21st century digital metering on my Flex 5000....

Frankly the 20th century analog metering on the 6000 except for the rather difficult to use Smeter is rather useless unless you want approximations...
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My suggestion

I am delighted as all of you with the digital S-meter of Flex.-1500.

What I dislike of the series 6000 S-meter is that you have to keep the pointer of the Mouse over the red line to keem the digital S-meter visible. Its very difficult and uncomfortable. You are losing rading and you cannot do anything more with the mouse.

What I am suggesting is that you could clic over the red line  and get the digital S-meter to keep open all the time until you clic again over it to get it dessapearring and returning to the classical red line S-meter.

What do you thing of thes idea???

Luis EA3OG
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yes!!  73, Luis..