How to get CW Skimmer working with my 6400?

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I have never been able to get CW Skimmer v2.0 working with my 6400. The Skimmer window never shows the correct frequency and does not display any CW signals in there

Running SmartSDR v2.2.8.109. Slicemaster v0.10.4 does not launch Skimmer but works ok with WSJT. Also have SDR-Bridge installed. The following images show my configurations.

I am sure that I am missing something simple and would appreciate any help getting this resolved!

Zack N8FNR

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Zack Schindler - N8FNR

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Posted 2 years ago

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Download the free program Slice Master.. it is simple to install and does all the work for you .... works like a charm....just set your mode to CW and up it comes... everytine
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Kenneth Petersen

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Hi zack
What are your side tone on the radio when in CW?
Kenneth oz1hdf
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Hi Zack,

Check the status line in Slice Master.  It can usually tell you why it was unable to launch CW Skimmer.  Just click the status line then hover the mouse over it to display the status history.  There's a probably a DAX related message in there.

If that doesnt help, you can always send me an email.  I'm happy to help.

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Has anyone created a video setting it u with Slice Master?
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I havent made one.  I dont know of anyone else who has either.  It's really simple though.  If you havent already, just download and install CW Skimmer.  You dont have to worry about making it work.  Slice Master will do that for you.  Just run CW Skimmer once and fill in the 'Operator' information in its Settings dialog.

Then download Slice Master and extract it to anywhere convenient (C:\slice-master works well).  Run Slice Master.  Back in SSDR, switch slice A to CW mode and Slice Master will configure and launch CW Skimmer for you.  If it cant, its status line will tell you why.

The first time around the most likely problem will be that you need to select a DAX IQ channel on the panafall of your slice (bottom option on the panafall menu).  Also check the DAX Control Panel to make sure that the corresponding "IQ Stream" is enabled (blue).

If that doesnt get you going, feel free to send and email.

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Don - what are the differences if I am using the front panel of a 6600M for SSDR with DAX and CAT on my PC?
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You'll need to tap the Display menu button at the left side of the Panadapter.  This will bring up a "dialog" where you can set the DAX IQ channel... or so says the manual.  My 6700 doesnt have the display so I cant verify how this works.
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George Brown

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I am running a 6400 with CW Skimmer integrated with Slice Master and I am having a very odd problem.  I can see the signals on the CW Skimmer display (with heavy green background that I am guessing is noise) if and only if the CW signals are above 3.450 or 7.045.  If the signals are below that (lets say 7.030) then the CW Skimmer display is solid black with no signals showing.

Has anyone else seen this issue?