How to enable "PC" on audio input menu?

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When I open the audio input menu it shows MIC, ACC and PC, but PC also says "disabled" next to it. How do I enable it? I have tried many different settings on the Playback menu but no luck. What am I missing?  Running Win10 and N1MM Logger. I have Logger sound card enabled and have tried every playback option. Thanks, W6WRT
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Posted 3 years ago

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Bill, all in detailes described in SSDR UM in section "16 HOW TO OPERATE LAN REMOTE"
all works fine, probably you PlayBack Windows Audio Device are not configured properly
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Right click on speaker icon in Windows system tray (bottom right), choose Recording devices, then scroll through the list of devices and choose PC Microphone, USB Headset or your actual desired audio recording device. Choose Set Default.

Once a valid recording device is set, you can choose PC as the MIC device should be enabled.

I found after installing SmartSDR that it sets my default playback device to one of the DAC devices - very annoying.

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Bill Turner

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That is exactly what I did and it does not work. Thanks anyway.

73, Bill W6WRT

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Do you have a mic plugged into the PCs mic jack?
Windows has a habit of disabling unused Sound Card jacks.  
Just a guess.


73, Jay - NO5J

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No, there is no mike plugged into the PC mike jack. I will try that and see what happens. I'm starting to think there is something basic wrong with either Windows or SSDR. I'm going to try a complete removal and reinstall on a fresh copy of Windows 10. Desperate, as you can tell. :-) 
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You are looking for the wrong thing. You do NOT use the mic selector to use audio from the PC. There is a button on the right side of this panel labeled "DAX". You must click this to enable it (it turns blue when enabled). Now in the DAX control panel you will find that the TX stream is enabled. From N1MM+ you select DAX Audio TX as the device to send the wave files to. Try it... I promise you that it works. You are just trying to do the wrong thing to get this going.

Note that you can interleave audio from DAX (N1MM+) and the microphone. When DAX is not transmitting, you can speak into the mic to transmit (assuming your mic is plugged into either the front-panel Mic jack or the back-panel Balanced input).

The document by K9CT that you were referred to in the N1MM+ group Is excellent.

Craig, KØCF

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I have followed the steps you outlined above and it did NOT work. In fact, I tried it three separate times. On a hunch, I did a total uninstall and reinstall of both SSDR and N1MM Logger+...and it WORKED, almost.  I still can not monitor the outgoing signal. The MON button is greyed out. Apparently I am supposed to use the PC's own speakers for monitoring, but I haven't figured that out yet. I'm sure it has to do with settings in Windows. Suggestions are welcome. Thanks to all who replied.  W6WRT