How to configure transverters for 6700 FDX satellite operation?

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Now that we have FDX (Thank you Flex!), I have been
pondering the configuration of a full duplex satellite station based around the

I currently use an Icom IC-910H on 144 and 432MHz.  Sometimes I need to transmit on 144 and listen on 432 (SO-50 and FO-29 for example) and sometimes the opposite (AO-7 for example).  On the IC-910H, this switching is accomplished with one button press.

With the 6700, for 144Mhz, I now use a DownEastMicrowave LDPA attached to the XVTR port.  I want to purchase a 432MHz transverter (available in several I/O configurations from DEMI)  but have not been able to come up with a wiring configuration that allows me to transmit on both 144 and 432 (and listen on the opposite) without some form of external switching (basically, swapping the XVTR port with one of the RX ports).

Does anyone know a topology that accomplishes this with the 6700?

I will leave the software topics of VFO tracking, etc, for another conversation.

73, Bob, N7ZO

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Posted 4 years ago

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Wondering about the same thing myself.  But shouldn't it be as simple as which slice you designate for transmit.  I switch back between 6 and 2 that way all of the time.  What would be the difference?  Couldn't you run 2 in one region and in the another region have open two slices, one for the 435 IF and the other for 29.450 for AO-7 downlink?

I think the easiest answer for the VFO/Doppler issue is the have SATpc32 accept Commander as a "radio" as Dave has already down all of the heavy lifting between Flex 6000's and Cammander.

John K4SQC
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The only way I can imaging is to use the XVTR connection for the 144 DEMI LPDA. With a high power input version 432 transverter from DEMI You have to use ANT 1or ANT2 with low drive power on the FLEX. Open a pandaptor with XVTR at 144 and a second panadaptor on 28-30 MHz to listen or transmit transmit on 432. I suspect that VFO tracking is not possible then.