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I am cautiously thinking about the possibility of using the TradeUP or TradeIN program to trade up from my 6300 to a 6400 (I am not interested in the knobs + screen version).

So, I am curious just how much my 6300 would be worth (assuming it is in pristine condition).  It would give me the information needed to assess whether it was worth coming up with the difference.  And it would make it easier to see if the differences between the two radios even makes sense to consider it.

I doubt if I can get an exact figure without applying for it but I would invite speculation ...

---Gary WB8ROL
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Posted 3 years ago

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Hi Gary

It is best if you call Matt directly.  He is the contact for this.

I ordered a 6400, but I am not sure what I'll do with my 6300 yet.  I just like to stay current, however there is nothing wrong with either.

73, Mike va3mw
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I called FRS yesterday with a trade-in question. The prices haven't been set yet, as they are waiting to see what the market looks like after the turbulence of the launch window. 

If you're interested, get on the list. The deposit is fully refundable.
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Matt called me today and I ordered a 6600. He said he will call me back in a couple of weeks with the pricing details of my 6500 trade. BTW, At first I thought, I do not need a 6600, That did not last long.

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HEHEHE Dan thats great.  I have wanted to call Matt but I figured he is busier than an one arm paper hanger in a hurricane so I thought I would give him a few weeks before calling him. :)
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I am seeing 6300's in relatively new condition selling for around 1800 without the add on tuner.
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Are they actually being sold for that price? Or simply offered at that price? Completed listings should tell the full story. At $1999 for a new 6400, I don't think a 6300 would fetch $1800. 
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I just bought a 6500 in late November. Wonder how much hit ill be taking for a 6600?
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There has always been a form on the site where you can enter your radio information for a trade-in / trade-up. Someone will get back to you with the trade-in information.

Of course if they are still working on the pricing I expect you will not hear back until that info is finalized.
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They had the prices posted. So whats to finalize, other than trade-in values?
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It sounds like you may not have any experience in running your own company or been involved in product development & marketing. So maybe this perspective might be helpful.

 But my guess would be determining the final (exact) cost of production for each radio as well as evaluating trade-ins from an accounting perspective. I am not an accountant but I am sure there is a lot of tax implications and P&L issues that need to be considered when making these kinds of decisions. I believe when you trade in a product it is treated as a different kind of income or asset. But again I am out of element here..

From a marketing perspective you want to incent people to upgrade but at the same time you have to be careful not to kill the demand.

For example: Any company is going to be more profitable (which they must have for any growth) if they sell as many of the new radios as possible. Once Flex is able to forecast the number of new units they will sell initially, they can more accurately determine the trade in value. 

The dilemma they have is if you have a 1000 people waiting in line with money in hand, do you want to turn them away in exchange for a trade-in that you then have to resell. Many of us have listed a rig, amp, etc on QTH only to have someone offer us a trade. The trade might be a nice one but then YOU have the hassle of selling the trade in order to buy the rig you wanted with the money from the sale.

Icom, Yaesu, and Kenwood have never offered a trade-in program of ANY kind as far as I remember. So Flex is already going above and beyond anything I have ever seen a manufacturer offer. 
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Ive been running a two-way radio and tower business for quite a few years, so i understand that. But im pretty sure, by them posting prices of the new equipment already, that they have the cost per unit figured out. Its just a matter of them figuring out a price range (based on age and condition) for trade-ins of prior models. Yes i understand how supply and demand work. I wasnt implying anything negative about flex, but for some reason you seem pretty defensive. I understand quite well that its a juggling act to keep you profit margins high, while keeping existing customers loyal and return customers, without cutting your throat. I would already be throwing $200 bucks at v2.0, so i fig might as well just put that toward the shiny new model. The question is, is there any estimates from flex as to what kind of difference they may be looking at. I would think that they would have already been looking at that as they prices the new equipment. So, the only way to know is ask. I thought thats what this forum was for....
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Sorry I came across as defensive that was not my attention. You probably sensed more frustration than defensiveness. After you read so many comments from people who have never been in a position to create, produce or sell a product or service it gets frustrating. If you run a two-way shop then you totally understand. 

I am sure they know the rough cost but often cost goes down depending on quantity and commitment. If they can commit to X number of components then the costs might change.

I am not sure what all they are using to determine trade-in but obviously if the 6600 is the same price ($3999) as the 6500 sold for, then my guess would be $2500-$2800 for a trade-in. But, who knows they might shock both of us. :)
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CQ CQ on my 3000 waiting for the dust to settle.
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As George mentioned above, Flex has been telling inquirers that they are not ready to give a trade-in value just yet.

Like the rest of us, they are waiting to see where the dust settles. But let's be realistic, if a brand-new 6400 is selling for $2000, how much can you realistically expect them to sell a refurbished 6300 for? Maybe $16-$1800? Probably closer to the $15-$1600 range.

I'm guessing that would probably put the trade in value somewhere along the lines of $1200-$1500. I am sure that is going to make most current 6300 owners not very happy. An even worse situation for 6500 owners. Let's not even mention a 6700 owner!

In my opinion, Flex has boxed themselves into a corner by lowering the price on the new 6400 to $2000. Had they priced it at the same $2500 entry point as the original 6300, that would've left a much better trade-in situation for all involved. The technological improvements alone, plus the benefit of v2.x, would have easily justified the same price point, and would have made for a good differential between trade-in and upgrade pricing. Most would've still jumped at the 6400, and Flex would've been able to sell the trade-in refurbished radios much easier, while at the same time keeping their existing customer base satisfied. And private party used prices would have held up better. Flex could have even gone one step further and added v2.x as standard on the refurbished 6300 units, at practically no cost to themselves, just to make a ~$2000 refurbished 6300 unit attractive enough to compete with a $2500 6400 unit.

I don't think this was thought out very well on their part.

I have a friend who is looking to trade a 6300 towards a high end HF transceiver I have for sale, and I'm reluctant to take it because of the aforementioned situation.


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Based on my experience you will only "see" a difference in performance between the two radios on paper. Normal operating will yield differences subtle at best. I upgraded from a 6300 to a 6500 and most of the differences were in my mind and on paper however it does obviously sell radios. There is a point of diminishing returns.